Do you feel great in our shoes? Then let us know, as the BÄR team is always pleased to receive praise and suggestions. We would also be pleased to help you find the right pair of BÄR shoes. And we're always available to answer any questions about the world of BÄR . Of course, this also applies if something isn't quite right. You can reach us the following ways:
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Fitting advice: Your way to freedom for your toes
Are you ready for a little test? Then, first of all, wiggle your toes for a bit. Does this feeling remind you of sardines in a can? Then you are not wearing BÄR shoes with uncompromising freedom for your toes.
Nothing is more damaging and uncomfortable than a shoe that pinches or does not fit well. It's good that we can also offer you detailed shoe size advice on the Internet. Starting with comprehensive foot typing, we provide important try-on tips and tell you about possible custom-made products by telephone..

To find the correct shoe size, simply use one of the following three options:

1. Measure your foot size
Wearing socks, stand with both feet on a piece of paper. Simply trace around the outline of your feet with a pencil. 

Important: Be sure that you hold the pencil upright on the paper, not leaning it to the inside or outside, as this will give an incorrect result. 

Simply measure the length of this sketch from the big toe to the heel. Compare which foot is larger, as the larger foot is decisive for the correct shoe size. Afterwards, compare the measured length with the table.

2. Table of sizes
Determine the size of your shoes that fit the most comfortably. If the shoe size is given in German sizes, please read the international size in the table to the left.

Please record this international size in your order. If you have an "in-between size" that is not found in the table, please select the next higher international size.

Our service to you:
Because we are a workshop where not only the production is found, but also the ordering and delivery service, we are one of few manufacturers that can even offer you half sizes. This gives us the possibility of making your shoes even more individual and custom-made for your feet.

3. Personal advice
If you are unsure which size or fit is most suitable for you, we would be pleased to advise you. Locally in our stores or on our freephone number0808 169 6004.

Why it's so easy to find the right shoe size at BÄR.
From more than 30 years of experience, we know that there is nothing that our customers appreciate more than a comfortable shoe that fits right from the start and does have to be broken in.
We would like to make it easy for you to find the correct shoes for your feet. Therefore, you will be given some important information here about foot shape and shoe sizes, including tips for trying them on.

The right fit

At BÄR, your foot is the measure of the shoe. Every BÄR shoe provides the perfect fit due to its special processing in the heel and arch. The anatomical BÄR last corresponds to a bare foot. For more than 30 years, BÄR manufacturing has produced two types of foot lasts. That way, there is a suitable BÄR shoe for almost any foot.

We have written for which foot type the shoe is particularly well suited in the description of every shoe. That makes the decision of which fit is right for you easier.

The BÄR fits:
Take note of the symbol as it helps you to select the right shoe:

Narrow fit: 
we have developed a narrow fit with comfortable freedom for your toes for the narrow to normal shaped foot. Please select models with this symbol.

For ladies: narrow to normal
For men: narrow to normal


Standard fit
We have developed a standard fit with lots of freedom for your toes for the normal to wide shaped foot. Also suitable for feet with a high arch that would be too restricted in narrow shoes. Please select models with this symbol.

For ladies: normal to widet
For men: normal to wide


Tips for trying on

BÄR shoes are not only generally healthy, but also generally beautiful. Naturally, our original BÄR shoes are somewhat wider at the front than other shoes. And that's for a good reason: only in this way can they provide the typically uncompromising toe freedom. 

Some customers have the feeling that the new shoes are too big when they try on their BÄR shoes for the first time. However, you should allow some time to test them: After the tightness of normal shoes, your feet have to get used to having more room now! Simply take note of our two steps to determine the perfect BÄR fit. When your heel fits well, there is comfortable support for the arch and a small finger wide of space in front of your toes, so that they don't slide back and forth, then everything is perfect..

An important tip from Hilke Bär

it is best to try the new shoes on in the evening. That is because your feet expand during the day by a few millimetres. Always put on both shoes at the same time and walk around a bit in them. You can only test the fit of your new BÄR shoes properly by standing and walking.
Looking down, the original BÄR shoes may look somewhat wider the first time you try them on. But who looks at your shoes from above? Because of the well thought out and artistic design, your shoes look very fashionable, narrow and attractive from the side and from the front. The way every person looks at them.“

Custom made

You can only find this at BÄR Manufacturing for comfortable shoes : Individually made-to-order shoes, according to your wishes! Based on our manual production, we can fulfil a multitude of your wishes at the highest quality level. Just ask us! 

Would you like to have your favourite BÄR shoe model again from past years, or are you looking for a shoe in a colour that you cannot find in the catalogue? Some of our customers also have differently sized feet. A couple of our shoemakers put in a few special shifts specifically for requests like these. So that we can fulfil your special wishes, we charge a flat surcharge of 40 percent of the sales price. We can also make orthopaedic insoles or changes to BÄR shoes for you.

Further information about our products

For the health of your feet, we avoid the use of chemical additives. Therefore, the dark insole or leather lining can fade. This is also true for our leather articles like backpacks or handbags. 

Because we give top priority to the breathability and softness of the leather, penetration of moisture cannot be excluded.

Because we use natural leather exclusively, small variations in colour or grain are possible. This is proof of the genuineness of our materials. 

You can find more information in our general terms of business.