Why do you need so much space in front of your toes?

In the morning, your foot is up to four millimetres shorter than in the evening because the muscles get tired during the course of the day and your foot gets longer as a consequence. This has to be taken into consideration. It is also important that the foot can roll naturally without any hindrances. To do this, it needs sufficient width and length. If the shoe is too tight, you can jolt the bones and cartilage in your foot. The space is also important for good circulation of the blood in your foot and for having warm feet - without any pinching

What widths do your lasts cater for?

We do not usually need different widths because our shoes do not narrow towards the front but follow the original shape of the foot.

Could you not make men’s shoes with a heel?

No because we don’t want to. Unlike all the shoe shops you know, we want to offer you total comfort. There is nothing better than walking barefoot and that’s what you get with our shoes without a heel.

How long do your soles last?

That depends. First of all it depends on the material: the harder the sole, the longer the lifespan and vice versa. Then it depends on the wearer, his/her weight, how he /she walks and how often he/she wears the shoes. Usually the soles last 2-3 years.

Why are the heels of some shoes so rounded?

Because people’s heels are also round and not square. If the material permits, we take this rounding of the heel into consideration. It means the shoes cushion your every step.

Why don’t you make the broad ladies’ shoes with a bit more of a heel?

We don’t intend to give these shoes a heel. It is the shape that is the nearest you will get to walking barefoot. And since nobody was born with a high heel, you should practice walking barefoot in these shoes. It contributes greatly to stronger, healthier feet

Do your shoes have air cushion soles?

Our shoes all have soles with shock-absorption characteristics. Most of them actually feature an ultra-elastic material that always guarantees perfect cushioning

Why are your shoes so expensive?

Our shoes are not expensive. When you purchase our shoes, you get the best leather and highly developed soles. A lot of the shoes are sewn by hand and are made to last a long time and provide you with the ultimate in comfort. And you should not economise when it comes to your feet. You need them every day for an entire lifetime!

What advantages do registered customers have?

You are informed about special offers, innovations and events. It helps us to establish a close customer/supplier relationship that we value and that is to your advantage

Why do repairs take such a long time?

Because our shoes are made and repaired by specialists. We try to repair your shoes as quickly as possible and hope you will bear with us while we ensure you get the perfect repair.

Why are the soles of hiking boots not thicker?

The thicker the sole the less flexible they are. A lot of orthopaedic doctors say it is very healthy to be able to feel the nature of the terrain you are walking on; it sharpens your reactions and thus protects you from injury. Special shoes for mountain walking are made differently but that is a special individual area. Our return to list of questions priority is: comfort, softness and flexibility – health for your feet.

Are your shoes suitable for use with exchangable insoles?

We do have models with removable footbeds. These are perfect for using your own orthopaedic insoles. Please note, however, that the natural shape of BÄR shoes, the soft flexibility and the generous toe zone mean that you often do not require an insole because walking in BÄR shoes is so natural that the muscles in your foot work properly again – as if you were walking barefoot. Insoles are only there to help. Why not try walking without them and see how that feels?

What are the benefits of elkskin?

The unsurpassed softness and suppleness. And since we deal with open-pored leather, it is particularly breathable.

Are your shoes plant-tanned without resorting to the use of chemicals?

No. Pure plant-tanning would limit the number of colours we could offer and plant-tanned leather is often too stiff and not suitable for use in a moccasin. The chemicals we do use to ensure a large range of colours and colour fastness are absolutely harmless.

Do the colours of your shoes rub off?

Wearing dark shoes and white socks is always a bit of a risk. And a little colour could rub off on your skin too if you are wearing shoes made of dark leather. That is due to the fact that we use as few chemical products as possible and only the use of chemical agents prevents colour from rubbing off completely – and we want to resort to as few chemical agents as possible.