Men New Arrivals

Each new pair of BÄR shoes is unique. This is thanks to the shoemakers in our workshop. And the BÄR concept of uncompromising toe freedom. Our new arrivals prove that even after 30 years, we are still making progress in this regard. Here you can find all BÄR’s new business shoes, lace-ups, slip-ons and moccasins. For the freedom your feet long for.

Canyon - BÄR
Canyon - schlamm
Canyon - grau


Cosmo - BÄR
Cosmo - grau
Cosmo - braun


Garda - oliv/schwarz
Garda - blau/schwarz
Garda - hellgrau
Garda - BÄR


Imanuel - BÄR
Imanuel - grau


Jamie - BÄR
Jamie - BÄR
Jamie - BÄR
Jamie - dunkelblau


Janosch - BÄR
Janosch - dunkelblau
Janosch - taupe

from £125.00

Joe - schlamm
Joe - BÄR
Joe - fango
Joe - BÄR

from £175.00

Lasse - braun
Lasse - grau


Markus - braun
Markus - BÄR
Markus - dunkelblau
Markus - mocca


Oxygen - schwarz/grau
Oxygen - BÄR
Oxygen - BÄR
Oxygen - BÄR
Oxygen - grün/schwarz
Oxygen - schwarz


Robin - BÄR
Robin - BÄR
Robin - BÄR


Romulus - BÄR
Romulus - schwarz
Romulus - anthrazit
Romulus - BÄR


Steve - BÄR
Steve - grau
Steve - anthrazit
Steve - taupe
Steve - dunkelblau

from £160.00

Sven - cognac
Sven - BÄR
Sven - dunkelblau


Terence - cognac
Terence - BÄR
Terence - schwarz
Terence - fango
Terence - dunkelblau
Terence - dunkelgrau


Toby - oliv
Toby - BÄR
Toby - grau


Vulcano - BÄR
Vulcano - BÄR


Wave - BÄR
Wave - BÄR
Wave - BÄR


New shoes for men

Variety spices up life in really every area. That's why we would like to regularly introduce new shoes for men, in which you can start the new season well and have a lot of pleasure in movement. And as the saying goes: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. 

So that you are well equipped for all your favourite activities, you will find numerous models with different characteristics in our range of new men's shoes, such as

What is special about new men's shoes from BÄR?

In order to design high-quality and healthy new shoes for men, we work together with doctors and engineers. That's why our barefoot shoes for men convince in many ways. This is what our new shoes for him offer:
  • long durability with 36 months warranty
  • with every activity you feel a high wearing comfort
  • noticeable health promotion through freedom of toes as well as relief for the spine and joints
  • innovative material combinations for reliable functionality
  • an attractive design for every occasion
Feet good - all good! For more than 35 years, we have been continuously refining our high production standards to offer you exclusive quality and comfortable foot holidays. Discover our men's shoe novelties and master every challenge in everyday life, while travelling, doing sports and in the office.

Buy new men shoes

In our online shop you will discover many comfortable and elegant shoes for every occasion and activity. When you buy new men's shoes online or in a store, you get a total of 3 years guarantee! You will enjoy your quality footwear for a long time, which will accompany you through the day in good health.If you haven't tried barefoot shoes yet, if you quickly get a taste for the high toe freedom and don't want to wear other shoes anymore - a feeling like barefoot is pure relaxation.