Repair Service

Manual work is quality work! We follow in the footsteps of a long, mature tradition of handicrafts. Each pair is manufactured with lots of care and expertise in our own workshop facility. Our shoemakers take the time to produce all shoes with a great deal of care and love of detail. If you should require a shoe repair after a long time and despite proper care, then please contact our shoe repair service: or 0808 169 6004.

Even BÄR shoes undergo a natural ageing and wear and tear process that is dependent on their use. Of course, you can replace your favourite shoes with new BÄR shoes at any time. However, our shoemakers will also be pleased to make sure that your well worn favourite BÄR shoes last as long as possible. Only with us you receive original BÄR quality soles and leather that guarantee a high quality repair result as well as long-lasting BÄR wearing comfort.