Travel shoes

Is it time to leave the daily grind behind and get away from it all? Whether you’re exploring a faraway country, planning a weekend trip to the seaside, setting off on an outdoor adventure or taking a spontaneous city break, comfortable travel shoes are a must!

We have added ultra-lightweight, modern, functional travel shoes to our collection so that you can enjoy a carefree holiday. Discover our new styles which will help you to remain light-footed, whatever lies ahead of you.


Tired feet? Not with BÄR!


Travel shoes for city breaks

Our barefoot trainers with toefreedom will keep you light-footed and comfortable all day long when you’re sightseeing, visiting museums, window-shopping or exploring the city on foot.

Travel shoe men: „Terence“


Travel shoe women: „Sibel“



„Terence“ is a comfortable companion for both short and long excursions. This smart trainer offers you that incomparable barefoot feeling and easy six-eyelet lacing which allows the shoe to open wide.



„Sibel“ blends style and lightness with comfort. Modern women can enjoy a barefoot feeling all day long with this travel shoe. Here too, easy six-eyelet lacing allows the shoe to open wide.


Travel shoes for off-road adventures




Travel shoe for him & her: „High Performance 2.5“




Explore nature without a care in the world with the >>HighPerformance 2.5 (for her & him)<<. Tested in Death Valley on a trek exceeding 217 km in 50 °C heat, this travel shoe will exceed your expectations with its comfort and off-road capabilities.






Travel shoe for him & her: „Light Impulsion“

A great all-rounder for outdoor activities: our >>Light Impulsion (for her & him)<< is the perfect sports and leisure shoe. This lightweight travel shoe can handle any terrain, whether you’re walking, rambling, hiking or jogging. Show nature who’s boss with tireless ease – thanks to BÄR’s trademark toefreedom!



What makes “Light Impulsion” the perfect travel shoe?

Make walking all day long painless with this modern, lightweight sports shoe. Its sporty design also means it looks great with jeans. Whatever you wear it with, the fabric mix ensures optimum ventilation and sturdy support. A series of tiny air chambers makes the sole weightless and cushioning – keeping foot fatigue safely at bay.

The shoe boasts these special features:

> Easy five-eyelet lacing allows the shoe to open wide

> High-tech sole = the established workshop’s innovative speciality

More information about the “Light Impulsion” travel shoe:

The shoe offers the perfect combination of cushioning and 100% toefreedom, liberating your feet so that you can walk naturally and healthily – that is BÄR’s key to well-being and good health.

With its fashionable looks and sophisticated technology, this newly developed style from BÄR shows how tradition and innovation can be cleverly combined. It features an all-new two-component sole: a high-tech D-Light two-component sole with a 10 mm raised heel. The components have different degrees of hardness. The lower TPU provides sufficient stability to guide the foot and ensure contact with the ground, every step of the way. Optimum sole design ensures excellent contact on tarmac while offering aggressive grip for soft terrain. The “Light Impulsion” travel shoe also boasts the lowest possible abrasion, guaranteeing durability and many miles of happy feet. The modern midsole sits on the TPU. Featuring the latest-generation PU closed-cell foam, which is even lighter than ever before, it offers permanently elastic recovery properties throughout the life of the shoe. Every step is cushioned as effectively as on day one. Together, the two components offer the ideal combination of toughness and lightness.

These days, it can be difficult to find the perfect travel shoe for your needs. You may well find yourself asking the following questions:

• What requirements does the travel shoe have to fulfil?

• What components and features offer the body optimum support and relieve pressure on the back, both when exercising and when running?

Some (running) shoe manufacturers extol the virtues of thick soles with as much cushioning as possible. However, this can quickly lead to instability and a loss of ground feel (no contact with the ground) when running or walking. Conversely, opting for a ‘barefoot shoe’ all the time can place too much strain on your ligaments, tendons, cartilage and bones – especially if you are new to barefoot shoes and do too much running in them too soon.

The answer is to combine the best of both worlds:

Shoes (especially those designed for running) should allow the feet, ankles and knees to move individually. To achieve this, they should be slightly cushioned and hold the heel firmly in place while giving the toes plenty of room. What’s more, it should be possible to twist the front and back parts of the shoe in opposite directions. When BÄR developed the “Light Impulsion” shoe, it took all of these factors into account.

The “Light Impulsion” travel shoe from BÄR with the new D-Light two-component sole is unique in its approach to twinning the advantages of cushioning with the benefits of toefreedom which come with running barefoot. It is worth remembering, however, that monotony can be detrimental to the body. For that reason, we recommend you alternate between at least two different pairs of shoes to give your body some variety and make it work harder.


Lightweight travel shoes

Pure relaxation in a suitcase-friendly format: that’s our ultra-lightweight, multitalented travel slippers for men and women. Find out more about travel shoes which you can wear for journeys by car, train or plane – and at your hotel or when you’re relaxing on the beach.

Travel slippers with a case: “Romulus”

>>„Romulus“ (for her & him)<< travel slippers are moccasins made from ultra-soft elk leather which will keep your feet more than happy while you’re en route to your next big adventure. Enjoy the barefoot feeling while you’re sitting down on long journeys. “Romulus” is not just a great choice when you’re on the road: it is also ideal worn as a slipper at home or at your hotel. These practical leather slippers come with a free case and can be packed completely flat in your suitcase, so they will always fit in your luggage! This extra light style can also be worn without socks and with the heel folded down. These travel shoes are a high-quality product with a hand-stitched moccasin seam.




Lightweight travel shoes made from cowhide: “San Remo”

>>„San Remo“<<is another premium style from our range of travel slippers for men and women. It will help you to feel at home, wherever you are.

These lightweight, leather travel shoes are incredibly versatile. Outdoor shoe, beach shoe, driving shoe, slipper: the “San Remo” moccasin is a real all-rounder. Our customers are delighted that it is also available in a wide range of colours: they simply cannot get enough of our quality BÄR shoes! With their top-quality cowhide, natural fit, unrestricted toefreedom and unique cushioning, who can blame them? The lightweight travel shoe “San Remo” also features hand-stitched moccasin seams.


Travel shoes, travel slippers, bags and more!

Travelling is one of the best hobbies in the world, but you can only travel with complete peace of mind when you are practically equipped and feel safe. To help you enjoy your adventures to the full, we offer comfortable, effective and – above all – secure laptop and leisure backpacks, shoulder bags and waistpacks! These are manufactured in line with the standards which BÄR applies to form, functionality and quality. Once you are perfectly equipped with travel shoes, travel slippers and bags, you’re ready to hit the road and make some memories!


Travel safely with Pacsafe!










Puncture resistant ToughZip: This double zip prevents unauthorised access to your luggage.


With its specially marked compartments, Pacsafe prevents data theft from credit and bank cards and passports.


Lockabout security clip Keeps zips securely closed.


eXomesh® slashguard Wire underneath the outer material protects the bag from knife cuts.


PopNLock security clip: This detachable clip allows you to attach the bag securely to an immovable object.




















Just for you, BÄR is offering this >>laptop and leisure backpack<<. from Pacsafe, a world-leading anti-theft luggage brand. We think the relaxation that comes with toefreedom is perfectly complemented by the relaxation that comes with knowing your belongings are safe!


  • eXomesh slashguard prevents the shoulder strap from being cut
  • 2 main compartments (fit A4 size) with Roobar™ Sport locking system (two-way zip with additional lock)
  • Padded main section on the back with holder for a hydration pack with outlet
  • Front main section with keyring and 3 slot pockets: one with RFID protection to prevent unauthorised scanning of credit cards
  • PopNLock security clip allows you to attach the bag to a table, etc.
  • Adjustable hip and chest straps
  • Padded back
  • Material: hard-wearing synthetic blend
  • Dimensions/volume: 48 × 28 × 19 cm/25 l
  Relax and enjoy exploring with the innovative >>Pacsafe Venturesafe<< perfect for active men and women of any age.


  • Main compartment with Roobar™ Sport locking system (two-way zip with additional lock)
  • Front pocket with Roobar™ Sport locking system
  • Padded slot pocket
  • Front main section with keyring and 3 slot pockets: one with RFID protection to prevent unauthorised scanning of credit cards
  • RFIDsafe™ slot pocket to prevent unauthorised scanning of credit cards
  • Back pocket with zip closure
  • Keyring
  • Padded back
  • PopNLock security clip allows you to attach the bag to a table, etc.
  • Dimensions/volume: 22 × 18 × 7 cm/4 l










This versatile bag with timeless aesthetics will keep your possessions safe in style.


  • Minimalist, stylish cross-body/shoulder bag with cutting-edge anti-theft features
  • eXomesh slashguard prevents the shoulder strap from being cut
  • Turn & Lock security hook allows you to attach the bag to a table, etc.
  • RFIDsafe™ inner pocket to prevent unauthorised scanning of credit cards
  • Made from a tough synthetic blend
  • Dimensions/volume: 22 × 18 × 7 cm/2.5 l


This leisure backpack is packed with features to keep its contents safe and secure.


  • 1 main compartment with an integrated zip pocket
  • Front zip pocket
  • Several slots for bits and pieces
  • RFIDsafe™ inner pocket to prevent unauthorised scanning of credit cards
  • Adjustable strap length
  • Made from slash-proof synthetic fibres
  • Dimensions/volume: 27 × 37 × 12 cm/12 l


Don’t leave home without a handy first-aid kit and a “Joya” massage roller!


First-aid kit


Joya massage roller




The kit includes:

  • Scissors
  • Triangular bandage
  • Disposable gloves
  • Compresses
  • Plasters
  • 2 bandages
  • Emergency blanket
If you have a very long journey ahead of you, treat yourself to some relaxation with the handmade >>Reise-Massageroller<< crafted from premium cherrywood – instant relief for tired feet, stress and tenseness!