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Riley - BÄR

€126.00 €143.00

Socken Schneeflocke - BÄR
Socken Schneeflocke

€13.00 €16.00

Liz - BÄR

€126.00 €151.00

wanderToes 2.0 Lite - BÄR
wanderToes 2.0 Lite

€151.00 €193.00

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Discover many affordable BÄR shoes for men and women in the large BÄR SALE. You will find the right shoes for every season from all categories in our online shop, which you can match to your outfit according to your personal taste. You can choose from the most popular models of the previous season, as well as rare individual pieces that you can buy now at a bargain price and in the best quality.

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Are you looking for shoes for every occasion, whether for travelling, hiking, walking or for the office? In the Bär shoe sale you will find a careful selection of light and airy sandals, comfortable loafers, robust walking shoes, elegant business shoes as well as fashionable boots and ankle boots. Cosy slippers and sports shoes can also be found in the Bär shoe sale. From pure relaxation to top sporting performance, you can experience everything in our affordable Bär shoes!

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The human foot is as individual as the person themselves. That is the natural variance - size, shape, toe position and much more are different for every person. Standard shoes are therefore often uncomfortable because many manufacturers do not take these differences into account.

With BÄR shoes, you can relax. The special feature of each of our models is the toe freedom. This means that the toes are not constricted or squeezed as when walking barefoot.

If you have any questions about our shoes, we will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation.

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Discover the unrivalled feeling of barefoot shoes at unbeatable prices! Our barefoot shoes for women and barefoot shoes for men not only offer a unique walking sensation, but also a range of benefits for the well-being of your feet. Thanks to 100% toe freedom and flexible design, they support natural foot movement and promote optimal posture. 

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