Put your best foot forward: smart shoes for women

Off to the opera or a gala dinner? A cultural event or a business reception? Or perhaps a wedding or family celebration? Whatever the occasion, you will cut a fine figure with BÄR’s elegant shoes. Suitable for events with an exclusive dress code, but offering the comfort of walking barefoot with toefreedom, the real stars of the evening are on your feet.


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Comfortable smart shoes for women from BÄR

No doubt you know the problem with uncomfortable elegant shoes for women: the heel is too high and your feet are squashed. As a result, your feet start hurting and you end up spending the evening next to the dance floor instead of on it.

Barefoot shoes from BÄR can help! BÄR has comfortable smart shoes for women. As well as looking great, they are developed in line with the philosophy of barefoot shoes. With these chic ladies’ shoes, you’ll enjoy dancing the night away!

Smart women’s shoes based on the barefoot principle

Toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility are the three mainstays of barefoot shoes from BÄR. The aim is to design shoes which allow the wearer to walk as naturally as possible and make them feel like they are walking barefoot.

  • Toefreedom: Toefreedom is one of the most important enablers of a natural, healthy walking gait. Our smart shoes for women mould to your toes – not the other way around. This prevents pressure points, blisters and pain, relieves pressure on your joints, and stops long distances or long days from becoming a problem. Another positive which is likely to please a lot of ladies is that your circulation remains completely unrestricted right through to your toes, keeping your feet warm.
  • Zero heel: Women’s smart shoes don’t have to have a high heel to look attractive and chic. Barefoot shoes have zero heel to support even weight distribution across the heel and ball of your foot by keeping them level with one another. This prevents tenseness in the back, head and neck. Depending on your foot type, you can choose BÄR shoes with thin or thicker cushioning.
  • Flexibility: Flexible shoes are better to walk in and more comfortable. They allow the foot to roll in a soft, flowing manner. This promotes good circulation and healthy veins. Barefoot shoes from BÄR give you maximum freedom of movement.

Constant development of women’s barefoot shoes for special occasions

BÄR works closely with experts who specialise in medicine, biomechanics, digitisation and new technologies. Our aim is to make our barefoot shoes even more comfortable so that wearers enjoy walking.

BÄR also works with a team of trend scouts who are always on the lookout for the latest fashion trends. This means that our women’s occasion shoes are not just incredibly comfortable: they are also fashionable and up to date. Our ongoing development work and constant efforts to make even better, even more comfortable barefoot shoes are another sign of the high quality standards that we uphold at BÄR.

Women’s occasion shoes made from premium materials

Another development principle for BÄR’s barefoot shoes is that footwear should mould to the shape of your foot and not the other way around. BÄR uses various types of leather for its barefoot shoes. Leather has the ability to mould to your feet like a second skin. Body heat stretches the leather and moisture is absorbed, making the shoes exceptionally comfortable. Another advantage of this material is that leather shoes look very elegant. This makes the various types of leather used by BÄR an excellent choice for occasion shoes.

Depending on their intended use, some barefoot shoes feature a combination of materials. In this case, leather is used along with functional fabric – to create a highly breathable barefoot shoe, for example.

Caring for women’s occasion shoes

It is important to clean your occasion shoes regularly and give them a little TLC to keep your barefoot shoes looking good for longer and stop wear and tear from impairing their functionality. Leather shoes in particular will last much longer if they are looked after properly.

Always make sure you choose the right care products for your shoes. BÄR has shoe care products designed specifically for the needs of our footwear. You can find brushes, sprays, polishing cloths, sponges, special leather soaps and many more shoe care products in our online store.

Women’s smart shoes from BÄR

BÄR has a great range of women’s smart shoes for special occasions. If you looking for something specific in your occasion shoes, you can also order customised shoes from BÄR. Our skilled shoemakers will craft a top-quality shoe to suit you. Select your style and choose the size, colour and material. We will then set about making them so that you can enjoy a bespoke pair of women’s occasion shoes.