Essential for every day: women’s leisure shoes

Step by step, barefoot shoes smooth the way every day with their flexible soles and optimum toefreedom. From comfortable sneakers for off-duty days to equally comfy business shoes for work, BÄR shoes help you to move easily and confidently, come what may. With our women’s leisure shoes, every day is a feel-good day.

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Comfortable women’s shoes: barefoot shoes for leisure wear

Whenever you are out with your family, exploring a new city, going on holiday or meeting a friend for coffee, you should be able to move freely and feel free too. However, all too many people suffer from painful, sore and blistered feet. The problem can often be traced back to wearing the wrong shoes. If you want to enjoy your free time to the max, choose barefoot shoes from BÄR.

Comfortable women’s shoes from BÄR help you to move naturally and relieve pressure on your spine. BÄR’s barefoot shoes mould individually to your foot. They give you toefreedom that prevents foot deformities. Hammer toes and bunions are averted by BÄR’s comfortable barefoot shoes.

Ladies can find a wide range of casual shoe styles at BÄR which are functional, high-quality and modern. Our team of experts is always in touch with the latest trends, which are incorporated into the development and manufacturing of our shoes. These comfortable women’s shoes aren’t just good for your feet: they are also fashionable.


The right shoe for all occasions: comfortable women’s leisure shoes

BÄR has women’s leisure shoes in various designs ranging from comfy slip-ons to summery ballerina pumps. With these trendy, attractive styles, you will be perfectly prepared for whatever leisure activity you choose. Explore the great outdoors or walk around a city for hours without your shoes becoming uncomfortable and troublesome. Barefoot shoes from BÄR make you feel like you are walking through sand barefoot.

Whichever style you choose, our comfortable leisure shoes for women are based on the same principles. As shoemakers, our priorities are toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility, which ensure that each pair we make meets high standards of quality.

Whether you’re going shopping with your best friend, taking a long walk with someone special, or having a day out, BÄR has the right leisure shoes for every occasion and any weather.


The perfect comfortable summer shoes for women: ballerina pumps and sandals

Ballerina pumps are synonymous with summer. These light and airy women’s shoes go with anything and are perfect in warm weather, whatever the occasion. You’ll always look well dressed in a pair of ballerina pumps. In summer, when the temperature rises, it is more important than ever for shoes to be comfortable for women to wear. There is little worse than shoes that pinch and painful, overheated feet.

BÄR offers comfortable summer shoes for ladies in various attractive designs and colours. Pale and natural colours – especially white and recycled white – are particularly popular for sneakers and lace-ups. Grey, green and pastel shades round off the wide range of colours. Barefoot shoes are also available in classic blue, red and corn yellow for those who like a pop of colour.

Barefoot sandals combine modern design with high-quality craftsmanship. The sandals feature cut-outs to stop your feet from becoming hot and sweaty – perfect on hot summer’s days. Classic, sporty and elegant styles in various colours complete the range. Our comfortable ballerina pumps and sandals are also popular for wearing around the house, whether you’re working from home or relaxing, and to finish off casual outfits.


Women’s lace-up shoes from BÄR: fashionable and comfortable

BÄR’s lace-ups are ideal for anyone looking for comfortable ladies’ shoes. The laces can be adjusted individually, providing optimum support for your feet. An elegant appearance and subtle colours make these shoes perfect for leisure activities and day-to-day use. With these lace-ups, you will be ready for anything.


Comfortable slip-ons: perfect when speed matters

Slip them on and go with comfortable slip-on shoes from BÄR. Slip-ons are ideal when you need to make a dash for it. The various styles are suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re popping to the supermarket, meeting a friend to go shopping, or taking a walk, slip-ons always fit the bill. As well as being quick and easy to put on, these women’s shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day long.


Lightweight moccasins: like walking on cloud nine


You will always have the perfect shoe to hand with our lightweight moccasins. This style goes brilliantly with all sorts of everyday summer outfits from dresses to casual trousers. These comfortable leisure shoes for women also promote good foot health and feel great to wear.


Women’s leisure shoes for cold weather: boots 

BÄR also has comfortable women’s leisure shoes for colder autumn or winter weather in its catalogue. These elegant, comfortable styles are both functional and high-quality. Our boots mould to fit your feet perfectly. They keep your feet warm when it’s chilly without compromising on breathability. Your feet are well supported but not restricted because the boots mould to your feet for optimum comfort.


BÄR women’s shoes: comfortable and high-quality

BÄR’s shoes for women cut a dash with their modern design and outstanding workmanship. Above all, though, they combine contemporary looks with premium materials and functional properties. All of our ladies’ shoes follow the same principles of toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility.

Our constant efforts to make barefoot shoes even better result in unique styles which make you feel like you’re walking on air.


BÄR service

If you have any questions about your women’s leisure shoes, you can contact our customer service team by emailing [email protected] or calling +49 (0)800 5165 6556. Our professional team is here to help.