Comfortable ankle boots for women

Our collection of comfortable ankle boots for women combines maximum functionality, first-class materials and a completely new dimension of comfort. The range also includes barefoot ankle boots, which are not only fashionable, but also offer a unique feeling of ground contact and lightness. Discover how our ankle boots not only fulfil your expectations, but exceed them.

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Aloe - BÄR

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Brie 2.0


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Sinja 2.0

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Comfortable ankle boots with 100% toe freedom

Experience the comfort revolution with our ankle boots that offer 100% toe freedom. Your toes can move freely, supported by a wider, anatomically correct toe box. This means not only relaxation for your feet, but also a completely new, natural walking sensation.

Comfort boots for women 

Our ankle boots and boots are not only known for their comfortable fit, but also for the fact that they offer relaxation and comfort from the very first step. The natural shape of the foot is supported and the balance of the body statics is improved - for a pleasant walking sensation all day long.

Insoles made from high-quality material with a 36-month guarantee

Exclusivity is a top priority at BÄR. Our ankle boots are made from the finest calf nappa leather, calf patent leather, water-repellent calf suede and greased cowhide nappa leather. Each pair fulfils the highest production standards and comes with a proud 36-month guarantee on materials and workmanship.

Ankle boots for women with special requirements

Whether you have wide feet, hallux valgus or other individual requirements - our ankle boots are designed to support the natural shape of your foot. The flexible design adapts to your foot, and some models with a vitalising flex sole also ensure a particularly relaxed walking sensation.

Flat ankle boots for women with a zero heel

The zero heel models from BÄR not only offer a modern silhouette, but also support a natural foot position, promote healthy walking and ensure even weight distribution. Our flat ankle boots combine stylish design with an ergonomic fit to keep you feeling light and carefree all day long. 

Variety in colour and design 

Discover our selection of different colours and styles - with and without laces. Our comfortable ankle boots are not only functional, but also make a fashion statement that emphasises your personal style.

The different ankle boot models from BÄR at a glance

You can expect a wide selection of women's ankle boots that are perfect for different styles and occasions. Here are some exemplary highlights from our collection:

Chelsea ankle boots

  • Characterised by the elasticated insert at the sides
  • Easy to put on and very comfortable

Ankle boots

  • Ankle-high ankle boots
  • Versatile and can be combined with different outfits

Hiking ankle boots

  • Comfortable and functional ankle boots for outdoor activities
  • Suitable for walks and easy hikes

Lace-up boots - ankle boots with laces

  • Enable a customised fit
  • From elegant to casual

Our expert tips for trying on ankle boots

Trying on women's ankle boots is important to ensure that the shoes are comfortable and fit well. Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying on ankle boots:

Make sure you choose the right size ankle boots. Always try on both ankle boots and make sure there is enough room in the toe area without the shoe being too big.

Make sure the ankle boots fit snugly on the foot, but not too tight to avoid pressure points or other discomfort. The shoe should support the natural shape of the foot.

Space for the toes
There should be enough room in the toe area so that the toes can move freely. It is important that the toes do not touch the front of the shoe.

Walking comfort
Take a few steps in the ankle boots to make sure they feel comfortable and that you can walk well in them. Watch out for pressure points and chafing.

Pay attention to the material of the ankle boots. Leather often stretches. Take this into account when choosing the right size.

Socks and season
Wear the socks you would normally wear with these shoes to assess the fit. Consider the time of year you want to wear ankle boots. In winter you may wear thicker socks, which can affect the size.

FAQs about BÄR Ankle Boots

What makes BÄR ankle boots for women so comfortable?

Our ankle boots for women are characterised by 100% toe freedom, a wider anatomically correct toe box and a completely new, natural walking sensation.

Are the ankle boots also suitable for wide women's feet?

Yes, we offer special ankle boots for women with wide feet that combine maximum comfort with an exclusive look.

Are there ankle boots for women with hallux valgus?

Yes, we have specially developed ankle boots that also offer maximum comfort for women with hallux valgus.

What materials are ankle boots made from?

Our ankle boots are made from the finest calf nappa leather, calf patent leather, water-repellent calf suede and greased cow nappa leather - all of the highest quality.

Is there a guarantee on ankle boots?

Yes, we give a proud 36-month guarantee on materials and workmanship, because we stand by the quality of our products.

What are the advantages of the models with a flex sole?

Some of our ankle boots have an invigorating flex sole for a particularly relaxed walking experience and additional support.

How can I be sure that ankle boots are the right size?

Please follow our size selection tips, always try on both shoes and make sure that there is enough room in the toe area, but that the shoe is not too big.

Discover your comfortable ankle boots for women now and experience comfort with every movement. Your feet will thank you!

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