Your favourite shoes from BÄR – popular men’s shoes

All barefoot shoes from BÄR offer freedom for your feet. Zero heel, toefreedom and flexibility will keep you feeling light on your feet, come what may. Some of the women’s and men’s styles are particularly popular with BÄR customers. Explore our best-sellers now to find your new favourite shoes.



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Best-selling products – BÄR barefoot shoes for men

You and your feet are bound to feel great in best-selling products from BÄR. Barefoot shoes from BÄR make you feel like you are walking barefoot. They are soft under foot and are designed with maximum comfort in mind. BÄR shoes are handmade at our own workshop in a process comprising 160 different steps. The result is made-to-measure footwear. Made with specially developed lasts, premium materials like leather and functional fabric, a lot of passion and the constant aim to make our barefoot shoes even more comfortable, BÄR’s barefoot shoes for men are perfect for any occasion. From leisure shoes to business shoes and hiking boots to sports shoes, we have the right footwear, whatever your plans.

BÄR has had its own production facilities for footwear since 1995. We are careful to apply the same high standards to working conditions at the site as to our shoes themselves. As a result, conditions at the workshop are both socially ethical and impeccable in relation to human ecology. The company has also created more than 400 jobs at its production site in India. Staff there benefit from social and health insurance and are paid commensurate wages. BÄR’s holistic concept is one of the reasons why barefoot shoes are so popular.

Popular men’s shoes: styles for any occasion

Each and every shoe made by BÄR follows three principles: toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility. Toefreedom is the main reason why our popular styles for men are so comfortable because it means that your toes are not squashed or restricted. The shoes mould to fit your feet instead of your feet having to conform to the shape of the shoe, like they do with many other brands. It is impossible to underestimate this feature because ill-fitting and uncomfortable shoes can cause damage over the long run. BÄR’s barefoot shoes prevent foot disorders and deformities.

If you think that men’s barefoot shoes aren’t trendy or only come as leisure shoes, think again! BÄR has shoes to suit any occasion. See for yourself!

Men’s footwear for autumn and winter

You can find fantastic men’s footwear for autumn and winter at BÄR. Our barefoot shoes for autumn and winter will keep your feet dry, warm and well protected on cold days. They are the perfect choice for leisure wear or for a day at the office. Explore the range of BÄR footwear for autumn and winter and find the right pair for you! 

Men’s footwear for spring and summer

Especially in spring and summer, you want to be able to enjoy the warm weather without ill-fitting, uncomfortable shoes ruining your day. Our comfortable men’s styles for spring and summer give your feet the space they need because comfort is always our top priority. BÄR has numerous light and airy styles for warm weather. From lightweight moccasins to sandals, there is something for everyone.

Men’s business shoes

Do you spend a lot of time at the office, trade shows or meetings with clients? Are you looking for men’s business shoes that are comfortable enough to wear all day? If so, you are bound to find what you are looking for at BÄR. Our elegant business styles are perfect with smart work clothes and give you and your feet the toefreedom you need. This is particularly important at work, so that you can concentrate on the job at hand. The toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility offered by BÄR’s barefoot business shoes will help you to stay focused.

Men’s smart shoes

Are you looking for comfortable shoes for a party, celebration or special occasion? If so, you are bound to find what you are looking for at BÄR. These popular shoes aren’t just smart – they also give your feet maximum toefreedom. This prevents blisters and allows you to enjoy your evening to the full.

Men’s sports shoes

BÄR doesn’t just make shoes for day-to-day wear or special occasions: the BÄR range also includes barefoot shoes for sport. Whether you like to work out at the gym or run, barefoot sports shoes will give your feet the comfort you need, allowing you to concentrate fully on your training. Take a look at the wide range of BÄR sports shoes and experience a whole new level of comfort for yourself!

Men’s walking shoes

BÄR also makes walking shoes. Get ready for your next outdoor adventure with barefoot walking shoes from BÄR and experience the utmost comfort on your hike. Try the barefoot walking shoes for yourself. They are made from high-quality materials like leather and functional fabric because it is important to keep your feet as comfortable as possible while you are hiking too.

Men’s leisure shoes

From lace-ups to sneakers, BÄR’s barefoot shoes are perfect for everyday and leisure wear. Slip them on to enjoy long walks or a city break with someone special. Or do the weekly shop and take daily life in your stride. Men’s leisure shoes get a lot of wear, so treat your feet and toes to the utmost in comfort with footwear from BÄR.

Comfortable home footwear

Wearing comfortable footwear around the house is just as important as choosing shoes that are soft under foot to wear outside. You should never forget that your feet have to carry you around for the whole of your life, so you should always choose quality footwear – including slippers. BÄR has comfortable barefoot slippers that feel wonderfully soft under foot. We have suitable styles for both warm and cold weather.

Popular men’s shoes: barefoot shoes from BÄR

Experience BÄR’s quality for yourself and try out the most popular footwear for men. Browse the BÄR online shop or request a copy of the BÄR catalogue. You can send queries, requests and suggestions to [email protected] or phone +49 (0)800 5165 6556. Our friendly experts are happy to help with all your questions.