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Discover the ultimate comfort and outstanding functionality of BÄR men's walking shoes. Our collection includes a variety of styles that are perfect for Nordic walking and other walking activities. Whether you are a regular walker, want to improve your outdoor fitness or are simply looking for comfortable shoes for your daily walks, BÄR has the perfect solution for you. Our active shoes provide a completely new, natural walking sensation that ensures relaxation and comfort from the very first step. High-quality materials, well thought-out design and innovative technologies make our walking shoes an indispensable companion for every active man.


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Nordic Walking Shoes Men

Our Nordic walking shoes for men are the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys being active outdoors. These shoes are not only lightweight and breathable, but also offer excellent cushioning and support. Thanks to the wide toe box and innovative sole technology, your feet are relaxed and comfortable from the very first step.

BÄR offers the following sole variants, among others:

       •  HikeTec sole: ensures good grip uphill and a firm hold downhill (e.g. on the BERGKOMFORT HIKING SHOE model)
       •  Durable endurance sole: consists of a lightweight PU/rubber combination, offers the best grip on any surface and enables joint-friendly rolling (e.g. on the HIGH PERFORMANCE 2.5 model)
       •  Sole with multidirectional lugs: Provide extra grip and traction and are also suitable for wet surfaces (e.g. on the TRAIL ADDICT WR model).

Our walking shoes for men combine a high level of comfort with functional features to make your outdoor activities as comfortable and safe as possible.

What should a walking shoe for men be like?

Walking-Schuhe HerrenA walking shoe for men should have the following features to ensure maximum comfort and performance:

   ✓ Good cushioning: Gentle on the joints and effective shock absorption, particularly important for longer distances.
   ✓ Flexibility: Supports the natural rolling motion for a comfortable walking sensation.
   ✓ Low weight: Reduces fatigue and enables longer wearing times.
   ✓ Breathability: Ensures a pleasant foot climate and prevents excessive sweating.
   ✓ Stable sole: Provides good grip on different surfaces and minimises the risk of slipping.
   ✓ Wide toe box: Offers men with wider feet enough space to avoid pressure points and blisters.
   ✓ Ergonomic fit: follows the natural contours of the foot and provides optimum support for the heel and ball of the foot.
   ✓ Waterproof or water-repellent: Ideal for outdoor activities, keeps feet dry in wet weather.
   ✓ Durability: High-quality materials and robust workmanship for a long service life.
   ✓ Effective lacing: Ensures a tight fit and prevents slipping, increases comfort and reduces the risk of injury.

A walking shoe that combines all these features offers men optimum comfort, protection and support during any walking activity.

What is the difference between a running shoe and a walking shoe?

Running shoes and walking shoes for men differ mainly in their construction and function. Running shoes have more cushioning in the heel area to absorb the impact of running, while walking shoes have more even cushioning for the natural rolling motion. Running shoes are more flexible and lighter in the forefoot area, with breathable materials that prevent frequent sweating. Walking shoes, on the other hand, are evenly flexible over the entire sole, weatherproof and slightly heavier for more stability. The fit of running shoes is tighter to ensure a secure fit, while walking shoes for men have a roomier toe box and an ergonomic fit to prevent pressure points and blisters and maximise walking comfort.

Nordic walking shoes for men with wide feet

Men with wide feet who walk and hike a lot need shoes that offer both comfort and stability. Our walking shoes for men are specially designed to meet these needs. With a wide toe box, they offer enough space to prevent pressure points and ensure a natural walking sensation. The excellent cushioning properties and innovative sole technology also offer optimum comfort and support over long distances.

Our walking shoes for men with a wide foot are the ideal choice for anyone who doesn't want to compromise on comfort and functionality during their outdoor activities. Discover our entire collection of men's shoes with a wide foot and find the perfect pair for your needs.

Comfort and protection in wet conditions - men's walking shoes with lotus blossom effect

Some of our models are equipped with a WR finish that imitates the "lotus flower effect". This means that the outer material does not absorb water, but allows it to roll off in droplets. Despite this water-repellent property, the outer material remains light and breathable.

It is important to know that WR waterproofing is not "waterproof", but only "water-repellent". To ensure dry feet even in heavy or persistent rain, a membrane is required that makes the shoe completely waterproof. Light rain is easily kept out by the water-repellent material, but there is always the possibility of water seeping in through the tongue of the shoe. The functionality of our WR waterproofing is not designed for heavy rain and will deteriorate over time.

We also offer models with uppers made from terracare® cowhide nubuck, which is also water-repellent. These materials not only guarantee protection from the wet, but also durability and excellent breathability. Discover our selection of waterproof and water-repellent walking shoes that offer you comfort and protection in all weathers.

BÄR men's barefoot shoes for walking activities

We would also like to draw your attention to our barefoot models: BÄR men's barefoot shoes are ideal for walking activities and offer a natural and comfortable walking experience. These shoes promote the natural movement of the foot and strengthen the muscles and balance. They are lightweight, flexible and have a wide toe box that provides sufficient space for the toes and prevents pressure points. The zero-heel sole supports a healthy posture and natural rolling behaviour. Breathable materials ensure a pleasant foot climate. BÄR men's barefoot shoes combine functionality with comfort and are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to experience the feeling of walking barefoot.