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Standard fit

These are made with ample toe space to fi t normal to wide feet and feet with high insteps. Please select the shoe models that are marked with this symbol.

for women: normal to wide
for men: normal to wide

Narrow fit

These are built with comfortable toe space for slender to normal feet. Please select the shoe models that are marked with this symbol.

for women: narrow to normal
for men: narrow to normal


Fashionable, attractive, comfortable. Our shoes for women with toe freedom.


Walking naturally and gaining freedom. With BÄR shoes for men.

JOE NIMBLE® functional footwear

Our functional footwear. The natural basis for the best walking experience.


Your feet work tirelessly day after day. If you want to ensure lifelong healthy feet, you need to pay attention to the quality of your shoes – and for this you need a reliable partner like BÄR. Our claim: the "perfect shoe". A shoe that doesn't pinch or rub your feet and that offers optimal support. In everyday life, in your job, for sports and travels! After all, we want the same thing you do: only the best for your feet! This is how our BÄR concept for healthy feet came about.

All BÄR shoes are manufactured using traditional craftsmanship techniques – in more than 160 processing steps and using our own anatomically developed lasts. The dedication and time that we at BÄR invest in the manufacturing processes of every shoe are well worth it for the extra comfort that they provide for your feet.



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The BÄR Principle

Do you already walk as comfortably as you would barefoot? In shoes that are perfectly shaped to your feet? This practical video tells you more about the BÄR principle of maximum wiggle room for your toes and our no heel policy. Take your first step on the path towards optimal walking comfort