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BÄR tips for your well-being

Our feet play a major role in our lives. After all, we spend between 25 and 57 percent of our lives on our feet. It is therefore important to know how valuable and complex our feet are and how much they can influence our well-being. The foot consists of 26 bones, 100 ligaments hold them together and 20 muscles ensure movement and stability. This makes our feet a true masterpiece of nature, forming the foundation on which we stand. By the time we reach the age of 80, we will have walked around 170,000 km, which is roughly four times around the world.

Is it not a matter of course to wear comfortable shoes?  

BÄR shoes not only impress with their 100% toe freedom, but also with their modern design. The shoes are based on the natural shape of our feet and offer a unique wearing experience. The zero heel is a healthy alternative to traditional shoe models, as it supports the natural rolling motion of the foot and at the same time ensures maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. So you can feel comfortable all day long and take your steps with ease.

Dr. Eickelmann, a specialist in orthopaedics, agrees with our philosophy:

"Maximum toe freedom, combined with the flexibility of a barefoot shoe, encourages the foot to cooperate. This promotes muscle development and flexibility of the ligaments and tendons in the foot. The toes and heel area are on the same level in BÄR shoes, which leads to an even load on your foot: the anatomical balance of your spine prevents postural damage and prevents tension in your back, head and neck. The intervertebral discs are relieved and the joints are protected."

A massage is that easy: MEINBRUNO

An all-purpose weapon for relaxation and recuperation. It is also easy to take with you and can be used anywhere: Whether at home, in the office or on vacation. Treat your feet to a daily treatment and you'll realize: you won't want to be without your MEINBRUNO!


For even more flexibility: meinbrunoPLUS

The patented suspension system turns the tried-and-tested meinbruno into a full-body experience! Any desired height can be adjusted to your height with centimeter precision. By simply hanging it over a door or the back of a chair, you can treat specific areas such as the shoulders and neck.


Application: With the help of a tennis ball, a wooden ball or the "meinbruno", you can gently massage the sole of your foot, customized to your individual strength. Enjoy an extensive massage on the sole of your foot once a day, as this area of the body is often forgotten. You can apply targeted pressure to the relevant areas of the foot and body to relieve tension and promote your well-being. "Meinbruno" is practical to take with you, so you don't have to do without it on any journey.

When walking barefoot to the bathroom, you can deliberately walk on the outer edge of the foot for a while to activate a different muscle group, and then walk on the inside of the foot again to ensure a balanced workload. This variation promotes the flexibility and stability of the foot muscles and can help to make walking more comfortable overall. Stretching exercises in the morning are also a great way to start the day. They help to relax the muscles, promote circulation and prepare the body for upcoming activities. As the old saying goes: "Stretching in the morning banishes sorrow and worry!".



Your personal pebble beach at home

The "BÄR fascia massage mat" is your personal pebble beach at home. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is as mobile and customizable as a puzzle (2 pieces per packaging unit). Easy to store and space-saving and can even be used while seated!

Can be used barefoot or with socks. Start slowly and increase the duration. This product is unsuitable for children and pregnant women. People suffering from cardiovascular disease should consult their doctor before use.

TPE medium material

  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip
  • Waterproof
  • For indoor and outdoor use ;
  • Size: 30 x 30 cm Individually expandable thanks to plug-in system


Comfortable foot cushions for your well-being

The medical GEL is highly elastic, very pleasantly soft on the skin and can be worn comfortably all day long. Easy to clean with water and a little soap.