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Bad Ischl


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Ellen - BÄR


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Paula - dunkelblau
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Paula - sand

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San Remo - BÄR
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San Remo - BÄR
San Remo


Summer - BÄR

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Susi - türkis
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Susi - BÄR
Susi - BÄR

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Tofvel - grau
Tofvel - BÄR


Warm ladies slippers 

Your own four walls are a cosy retreat where you can relax and switch off from everyday life. Cold is completely out of place here. Even on carpet, feet, if only dressed with socks or even barefoot, give off a lot of heat. On parquet or similar floor coverings, this effect is even intensified.  
Warm slippers underline the relaxing feeling of well-being many times over and prevent you from catching a cold. The warm slippers for ladies are lined with velvet, virgin wool, lambskin or felt and are therefore a cosy living room for your feet.

Light slippers with barefoot feeling 

In the BÄR Online Shop you will find numerous light slippers that make you feel like walking barefoot, but still keep your feet comfortably warm. We offer you comfortable all-rounders that you can wear all year round. In our assortment you will also discover open light slippers, which provide a pleasant air circulation in summer. So you are equipped for all eventualities in our comfortable slippers for ladies. 

Beautiful slippers with non-slip soles  

On parquet or tiles you have the perfect hold in our beautiful slippers. With rubber and leather soles, slipping on floor coverings with little friction surface is optimally prevented. This safety is especially beneficial for senior citizens and ladies who, for health reasons, already have problems walking and need even more support. Even if after a foot operation caution is required, we would like to recommend our comfortable slippers. 

Buy slippers online  

You can buy slippers around the clock in our online shop. Make yourself comfortable at home and browse through our range of stylish slippers. Without any hurry. When you order BÄR slippers, you get a 36-month guarantee on every pair at no extra cost. Our cosy slippers are made with great attention to detail and meticulous handiwork. As with all our women's barefoot shoes, our high production standards are applied to offer you the well-deserved walking holiday of the highest quality.