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Are you a slip-on type? Then you should know: anyone who wears slip-ons has a relaxed outlook on life. With BÄR slip-ons, you’re simply demonstrating that you feel at ease. Because you experience an unbelievably comfortable shoe on a daily basis. No laces to get tangled up in. No tiresome bending down. The perfect combination of flexibility, lightness and firm grip.


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Ladies slippers: Guaranteed walking holiday  

Cuddly, cosy and comfortable:  Relaxation is on the agenda in ladies' slippers, whether you are on foot a lot or have to wait longer for the train. You can wear the elegant women's slippers  quickly put on and take off at any time without having to tie your shoes. On long journeys this is a great advantage over other models. Experience a natural barefoot feeling and treat yourself to a well-deserved foot holiday. With our slippers for women we would like to contribute to your light-heartedness and - if you suffer from foot pain - give you back the fun of movement. 
In production, BÄR uses high-quality leather for your ladies' slippers. Whether suede, patent leather, nubuck leather or nappa leather, each variant gives our shoes an elegant and individual look. This makes them practical and stylish all-round partners on holiday, in the office or at events of all kinds. You have an eye-catching appearance in every situation. 

Slippers for ladies promote your health!  

Healthy shoes often have the reputation of not keeping up with fashion. We take a different approach: BÄR has been combining biomechanical foot health with a stylish look for over 35 years. 
But what makes our ladies' slippers so healthy? All models are based on the principle of freedom of toes. At the front, the BÄR shoes are slightly wider, so that your toes can move freely. This is the only way for your toes to be able to perform their natural function. By wearing women's slippers with toe freedom you can prevent foot diseases such as hallux valgus (and many more) or alleviate existing pain in the long term. 
Feet are not only elementary for our locomotion, but also for the entire body statics. Anyone who has foot pain often compensates for it (unconsciously) by changing posture or shifting the load. Over a long period of time, dysfunctions and long-term damage to joints, tendons, muscles and toes occur.
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BÄR uses biomechanical and scientific findings from the design to the production of your ladies' slippers to ensure that you get healthy, comfortable and fashionable shoes. We set high quality standards and trust our work. Enjoy a feeling like barefoot in every situation and on every occasion. Your life will go well and you can concentrate on the beautiful moments - stylish and painless. 
Would you like advice on the different models of our slippers for women? Do you have questions about foot health and toe freedom? Our friendly and experienced team will be happy to help you.