Warm companions for cold days: men’s footwear for autumn and winter

The days are getting shorter and the weather is chilly, frosty or even snowy. Not the kind of weather for heading outdoors? There is no need to let stormy autumn weather and cold winter conditions stop you with a pair of tough, gorgeously warm boots or shoes. Feel as comfortable as if you were walking barefoot.

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Ultreya - BÄR

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Trail Addict

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Men’s footwear for autumn and winter from BÄR

Do you love the natural world and enjoy walking and hiking, whatever the weather? If cold, snowy days don’t stop you from getting outside and savouring the freedom of nature, men’s footwear for autumn and winter from BÄR is the perfect choice for you!

Especially in cold weather, it is important for men’s autumn and winter shoes to be well lined, provide stability and grip, repel water and have a good sole to stop you from slipping. Men’s shoes for autumn and winter from BÄR tick all of these boxes and are also developed in line with the barefoot principle.

Toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility are always our top priorities when we develop and manufacture BÄR shoes because BÄR has set itself the task of developing shoes which make you feel like you are walking barefoot and prevent blisters and pressure points.

At the same time, we are always honing our footwear and conducting research and development to stay up to date and make our barefoot shoes even better. High-quality materials like various types of leather hug your feet like a second skin and make our shoes healthy and comfortable to wear. Thanks to their blend of functionality, innovation, materials and design, you will never want to take off our men’s footwear for autumn and winter! Breeze through autumn and winter as if you were walking on cloud nine!




Autumn shoes for men – styles for any occasion

BÄR has a range of autumn shoes in various designs and styles. There are autumnal men’s shoes that are perfect for everyday or office wear and others which are great for long country walks or even short hikes.

Our men’s autumn boot “Innsbruck” is made from a combination of functional fabric and calfskin suede. Its textile lining will keep your feet warm – perfect for autumnal weather. This style is hard-wearing, breathable and water-repellent, making it the ideal men’s autumn shoe for long walks on cold days.

Are you looking for men’s autumn shoes that you can wear to the office every day? If so, NICK  is the perfect pair for you! This elegant leather boot hugs your foot like a second skin and offers virtually unparalleled comfort. Try our stylish autumn classic for yourself!

“Jan” is a fantastic men’s autumn shoe for leisure activities on chilly days. Made from a combination of leather and textile, it is tough and has a pared-down design that makes it highly versatile. This green style is bang on trend!


Men’s shoes for winter: warmth and cosiness are musts

Above all, men’s winter footwear should be warm and cosy. Our lambskin boot is a classic men’s style for winter. As the name suggests, it is lined with lambskin while the uppers are made from cowhide nappa. This winter boot is water-repellent and warm. It has a deep tread to give you excellent grip on slippery surfaces.

OurFeldberg men’s winter boots provide perfect protection so that you can walk in cold weather with optimum toefreedom and warm feet. The boots have a 11 cm high shaft, extensive cushioning and water-repellent uppers. This classic men’s winter boot feels soft and comfortable under foot.

The exploreToes 2.0 men’s boot is a real treat for your feet in winter. Unlike conventional shoes, this winter boot is light and moulds perfectly to your foot because it is crafted from cowhide nappa. The woven lambskin and textile lining keeps your feet lovely and warm. Ideal for freezing cold winter days!




Care tips for men’s autumn and winter shoes

Men’s footwear for autumn and winter needs special care to ensure that it lasts for a long time to come. Shoe care products are available directly from BÄR. You can use a cleansing kit or a special colour restorer to make sure your men’s autumn and winter shoes retain their colour well. There is also a range of sprays to guard against dirt and staining. BÄR’s shoe care range is tailored perfectly to the needs of BÄR footwear.


Men’s footwear for autumn and winter: experience BÄR’s service

The BÄR service team provides expert assistance with any questions and queries you may have. Simply call +49 (0)800 5165 6556 or email [email protected] for advice from BÄR’s specialists. BÄR has a great deal to offer with its combination of quality products, expert staff and constant further development. See for yourself and order online at www.baer-schuhe.de.