Barefoot shoes for a natural walking feeling

Here you will find men's shoes with minimal sole, which combine maximum toe freedom and pleasant barefoot comfort. Enjoy the feeling of walking barefoot! Thanks to the flexible sole and high-quality upper material, BÄR barefoot shoes provide a natural walking feeling without any restriction to the natural freedom of movement of your toes. Experience the difference - with original BÄR barefoot shoes!

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Men's shoes with minimal sole by BÄR

You are an active person and therefore on the move a lot. Whether at work or in your free time, your feet are often in full use. However, this can become particularly strenuous for the body over the long term. Barefoot shoes from BÄR can help. Support your foot health while you're on the move and choose men's shoes with minimal soles from BÄR today. Your well-being is our top priority.

BÄR shoes have the potential to become your new favourite shoes. They are the perfect companion for every occasion, whether professional or private. Each shoe is lovingly handcrafted for you in the company's own workshops. First-class materials are combined with finesse in up to 160 work steps to ensure the best wearing comfort and the highest quality. Sustainable and conscientious in their manufacture, BÄR barefoot shoes for men are both functional and comfortable.

Every BÄR shoe meets the following three criteria:


  • Toefreedom: Unrestricted toe freedom helps to avoid potential pressure points. The natural balance of your body is restored - every time you walk or stand you are stabilised. Since a natural rolling movement is encouraged, complaints such as heel spurs or arthritis in the feet can be prevented.
  • Zero heel: Zero heel means that the shoes do not have any arch. Both forefoot and heels have no difference in height and touch the ground equally. The balanced load promotes better blood circulation, which in turn can prevent tension throughout the body. Minimal sole means rest for the feet.
  • Flexibility: Our barefoot shoes are light as a feather, malleable and yet robust. This flexibility ensures natural movement. Your muscles are dynamically trained, contributing to better mobility. You will love the feeling of walking barefoot and the healthy foot climate provided by BÄR shoes.


Minimal shoes for men: for the well-being of your feet

Wearing men's shoes with minimal soles actively contributes to your well-being. When standing, walking and running, your foot muscles are actively trained. The sole of the shoes here is as thin as possible, but at the same time comfortable and highly flexible. The feeling of walking barefoot gives you direct contact with the ground. The resulting active sensory system constantly stimulates your feet, while you are protected from environmental influences without exception. A period of acclimatisation after switching to barefoot shoes is completely normal. Initially, wear your men's shoes with minimal soles for 30 to 60 minutes a day. This will help you get used to the new sensory impression and you will soon benefit from increased wearing comfort and improved foot health.


Barefoot shoes for men made from excellent materials

BÄR minimal shoes are a combination of barefoot feeling and unrestricted freedom of movement. The return to a natural body balance, aided by a dynamic rolling function of the feet and the sensory system of the floor, your muscles are optimally engaged with every step. Zero heel, maximum toe freedom and highest flexibility contribute significantly to this. Selected materials of the best quality, which we use for our minimal shoes for men, round off these functions perfectly.

We purchase first-class leather exclusively from specially tested suppliers. As the upper material for the entire shoe, it fits your feet like a second skin. In addition to leather, some of our models also use different functional textiles. This robust yet lightweight combination of materials means that BÄR barefoot shoes are breathable and wick away any moisture from your feet to the outside. They are also equally water-repellent. With BÄR shoes, an optimal foot climate becomes an everyday pleasure.


Men's shoes with minimal soles: An eye-catcher for every occasion

Buying barefoot shoes for men means making a lasting positive decision for your feet. In our range you will find the right model for all your needs and wishes. With the wide range of models from BÄR, you will always have your finger on the pulse. Are you looking for tasteful business shoes for your work? Are you looking for timeless lace-up shoes that will shine on a variety of occasions? Or should it be sports shoes suitable for off-road use for your next hike? You will find such models, along with many others, in our large assortment. Full of comfort, yet stylish and functional - it's easy with BÄR.



Personalise minimal shoes for men at BÄR

Your personal requirements and wishes for your barefoot shoes become reality with BÄR. We competently turn your vision into reality. Have you found the perfect model in our online shop? Then you can customise the colour, shoe size and optional material to suit your individual requirements. Are you dreaming of a custom-made BÄR shoe? Contact us today and we will plan your customised shoe with you. The highest quality standards are met without exception and unrestricted freedom of movement is also guaranteed thanks to zero heel, flexibility and freedom of movement for the toes.

All BÄR products will give you many years of pleasure thanks to their exceptional durability. If you do notice any damage after extensive use, our in-house repair service will be happy to help. We are convinced of the quality of our shoes and stand by them. That's why you get a 36-month guarantee when you buy a pair of shoes.

Do you have any questions, suggestions or would you like to make a request? We will gladly take care of your concerns personally. Call us on 0800 51 65 65 56 or send us an e-mail to [email protected]. Your trust and satisfaction are our highest praise. We look forward to hearing from you.