Here you will find men's shoes with minimal soles that combine maximum toe freedom with pleasant barefoot comfort. Enjoy the feeling of walking barefoot! Thanks to the flexible sole and high-quality upper material, BÄR barefoot shoes provide a natural walking sensation without restricting the natural freedom of movement of your toes. Experience the difference - with original BÄR barefoot shoes! 



Barefoot shoes for men with minimal sole from BÄR

You are an active person and therefore often on the move. Whether at work or in your free time, your feet are often in full use. However, this can be exhausting for the body, especially in the long term. Barefoot shoes from BÄR can help you with this. Support your foot health while you get going and choose men's shoes with minimal soles from BÄR today. Your well-being is our top priority.

BÄR shoes have the potential to become your new favourite shoes. They are the perfect companion for every occasion, whether professional or private. Each shoe is lovingly handcrafted for you in the company's own factories. First-class materials are combined with finesse in up to 160 work steps to ensure the best wearing comfort and highest quality. Sustainable and conscientious in their production, barefoot shoes for men from BÄR are functional and comfortable at the same time.

Every BÄR barefoot shoe for men fulfils the following three criteria to offer maximum comfort and support for a natural walking experience:

  • Toe freedom: our men's barefoot shoes offer unrestricted toe freedom to avoid potential pressure points and restore the natural balance of the male body. This stabilises the feet when walking and standing and promotes a natural rolling movement that can prevent complaints such as heel spurs or osteoarthritis of the male foot.
  • Zero heel: BÄR barefoot shoes have no heel, i.e. they do not come off. Both the forefoot and the heel have no difference in height and touch the ground evenly. This even load promotes better blood circulation, which in turn can prevent tension throughout the body. The minimal sole also offers relaxation for men's feet.
  • Flexibility: Our barefoot shoes for men are light as a feather, mouldable and yet robust. This flexibility enables a natural movement that dynamically trains the muscles and contributes to improved mobility. The feeling of walking barefoot and a healthy foot climate provided by BÄR barefoot shoes will inspire men and offer them an unrivalled walking experience.

The special thing about these shoes is the complete freedom of the toes. Your feet not only adapt to the shoe, but the shoe also adapts to the shape of your feet. This creates a barefoot feeling that promotes natural movement. The big toe acts as an anchor and stabiliser, while the irregular lasts follow the natural shape of the foot and provide more space for the toes at the front.

BÄR Barfußschuhe

Minimal shoes for men: for the well-being of your feet

Wearing men's shoes with minimal soles actively contributes to your well-being. When standing, walking and running, your foot muscles are actively trained. The sole of the shoes here is as thin as possible, but at the same time comfortable and highly flexible. The feeling of walking barefoot gives you direct contact with the ground. The resulting active sensory system constantly stimulates your feet, while you are protected from environmental influences without exception. A period of acclimatisation after switching to barefoot shoes is completely normal. Initially, wear your men's shoes with minimal soles for 30 to 60 minutes a day. This will help you get used to the new sensory impression and you will soon benefit from increased wearing comfort and improved foot health.

Leather barefoot shoes for men

Our BÄR leather barefoot shoes stand for the highest quality and outstanding comfort. We only use the highest quality materials for our men's barefoot shoes, making each pair a masterpiece. We only source our first-class leather from carefully selected suppliers to ensure that every shoe fulfils our high standards. The leather upper material moulds itself to the foot like a second skin and offers an incomparable wearing comfort. Leather is not only breathable, flexible and soft, but also extremely hard-wearing and durable. As a natural raw material, leather is more environmentally friendly to produce than cheaper leather alternatives. At BÄR, we mainly use calf leather for the uppers and linings of our shoes. All the leather we use is free of harmful substances and certified to ensure the highest standards of environmental and health compatibility. With our leather barefoot shoes, you can rely on quality, comfort and sustainability.

In addition to leather, some of our men's shoe models also use various functional textiles. This robust yet lightweight combination of materials makes BÄR barefoot shoes breathable and transports moisture away from the feet to the outside. At the same time, they are water-repellent. This makes an optimal foot climate with BÄR shoes a daily pleasure.

Barefoot shoes for men: an eye-catcher for every occasion

Buying barefoot shoes for men means making a lasting positive decision for your feet. In our range you will find the right model for all your needs and wishes. With the wide range of models from BÄR, you will always have your finger on the pulse. Are you looking for tasteful business shoes for work? For timeless lace-up shoes that shine on different occasions? Or are you looking for all-terrain sports shoes for your next hike? You'll find models like these, along with many others, in our large range. Full of comfort and yet stylish and functional - easy with BÄR.

Barefoot sneakers for men

Discover the revolutionary fusion of style and functionality with the BÄR barefoot sneakers for men. With their minimalist design and flexible sole, they offer a unique barefoot feel that supports your natural movement while adding a touch of urbanity. Made from high-quality materials and with a focus on comfort and durability, our barefoot sneakers are the perfect choice for men who value a healthy lifestyle and an attractive appearance. Experience the freedom of walking barefoot in the city with BÄR barefoot sneakers for men.

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Barefoot hiking shoes for men

Prepare for adventures in the great outdoors and discover the world in complete freedom with barefoot hiking boots for men from BÄR. Our shoes combine the robustness and support of conventional hiking boots with the natural freedom of movement and comfort of a barefoot shoe. Equipped with a non-slip sole and a hard-wearing upper, our barefoot hiking shoes offer you the necessary support and protection on demanding hiking trails while promoting the natural movement of the foot. Enjoy the versatility and unrivalled feeling of freedom when hiking with BÄR barefoot hiking shoes for men - made for real adventurers who want to experience nature in its purest form.

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BÄR barefoot shoes for men in black and white

Our BÄR barefoot shoe collection for men not only offers you unique comfort and natural freedom of movement, but also a wide range of styling options. Whether in classic black or bright white - our barefoot shoes for men combine timeless elegance with modern functionality. The simple design suits every outfit and occasion, whether in the office, for sport or leisure. Made from high-quality materials and with a focus on quality and durability, our barefoot shoes are the perfect choice for style-conscious men who value comfort and style. Discover our BÄR barefoot shoes for men in many colours and styles and experience the perfect combination of elegance and functionality.

BÄR winter barefoot shoes for men: Natural warmth and freedom of movement

Our BÄR winter barefoot shoes for men offer the perfect combination of warmth, comfort and freedom of movement for the cold winter months. Made from high-quality materials and with a special focus on functionality and style, they allow you to enjoy the outdoors even in wintry conditions. The upper is made from hard-wearing leather and breathable fabric to keep your feet warm and dry while providing enough room for natural movement. The special insulation ensures that your feet stay comfortably warm even at low temperatures, without you having to sacrifice the benefits of a barefoot shoe. The non-slip sole gives you a secure grip even on icy surfaces and supports you on your winter adventures. Discover the freedom and comfort of our BÄR men's barefoot shoes for winter and experience comfort at its best.


Summer barefoot shoes for men: light, airy and natural

Our BÄR summer barefoot shoes for men offer the ideal combination of lightness, breathability and a natural feel for the warmer months of the year. With a focus on quality and comfort, they enable a carefree walking experience in summer temperatures. The upper made from high-quality, breathable materials such as mesh and lightweight leather ensures optimum air circulation and keeps your feet cool and dry even on hot days. The flexible sole ensures a barefoot-like feel and supports natural movement so that you can enjoy the summer to the full. Whether you're going for a walk in the park, doing sport or simply enjoying everyday life - our BÄR summer barefoot shoes for men are the perfect companion for your active summer adventures. Discover the freedom and ease of walking barefoot with our summer barefoot shoes for men and enjoy every step to the full.



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