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Discover our exclusive collection of comfortable men's shoes designed for the ultimate wellbeing of your feet. Thanks to our innovative technology and commitment to quality, we offer shoes that not only look good, but also provide unrivalled comfort. Our business shoes, lace-up shoes, loafers and moccasins are handmade in the BÄR manufactory on our own special lasts. Enjoy maximum toe freedom.


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A passion for men's comfort shoes

BÄR Manufaktur für komforte Schuhe has been producing functional and healthy barefoot shoes as a family business for 40 years. Our aim has always been to enable our customers to walk without pain and to support a comfortable wearing experience - without compromising on a trendy look. In our online shop you will therefore find a wide range of comfortable shoes for men, suitable for every occasion!

The combination of biomechanics and German engineering forms the basis of our comfort shoes for men. Nature is our teacher: BÄR shoes offer you a comfortable fit and a fashionable appearance.

We work closely with doctors, technicians and athletes to create super-comfortable men's shoes in which you can walk comfortably and safely even on long tours.


Comfortable men's shoes with toe freedom

The unrestricted toe room in men's shoes from BÄR allows the big toe to function naturally. Because natural and comfortable movement is only possible with toe freedom. We design our shoes according to basic principles and one thing is clear: every foot is individual! That's why our aim is to produce shoes in which every wearer feels equally comfortable. The comfortable shoe must adapt to the foot and not the other way round.

We also offer wide men's shoes for strong feet in the Comfort and Comfort+ fits. This way, we can guarantee that everyone will find the perfect pair that is not only comfortable but also fits perfectly. Discover our diverse collection and experience maximum comfort and style for your wide and strong feet.

BÄR Shoes presents the BÄR-Principle

Barefoot shoes for men: the feeling of freedom

For those looking for the ultimate feeling of freedom and naturalness, we offer an exclusive collection of barefoot shoes for men. With their minimalist design and flexible sole, our barefoot shoes give you the feeling of walking barefoot while offering the protection and support of a shoe. Discover the unique connection to nature with our barefoot shoe collection for men and experience every step in complete freedom.

Comfortable men's shoes - the key benefits of BÄR for perfect comfort

✓ Comfort 

BÄR men's shoes set standards in terms of comfort and functionality. Our shoes offer a unique combination of innovative features that take comfort to a new level. With 100% toe freedom, they offer full freedom of movement for the toes, while lightweight soles with high cushioning make every step a pleasant one. The zero heel promotes a natural foot posture and relieves pressure on the joints. Our exclusive BÄR resilience foam footbeds provide optimum cushioning and support, while the removable BÄR comfort footbed offers individual customisation options. Especially in our autumn and winter models, the non-slip Win sole ensures a secure grip on slippery surfaces, while the natural crepe sole made of 100% natural rubber with high cushioning ensures a stable and comfortable walking experience even on uneven terrain. With these comfortable men's shoes from BÄR, you will experience comfort, functionality and style in perfection.

✓ Fit

The fit is crucial for the comfort of our men's shoes. Because we know that every foot is unique, we offer two different fits to ensure that every customer finds the perfect fit. Our standard fit is ideal for normal to wide feet and offers generous toe room for a natural and comfortable feel. This fit ensures that the toes have enough room to move freely without being constricted. For men with narrower feet, we offer our slim fit, which slims the foot and offers a tighter fit. In the online description of each shoe, whether it is a low shoe or a sports shoe, it is clearly stated whether it is a standard fit or a slim fit. So you can be sure that your BÄR men's shoes are not only comfortable, but also perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

✓ Cushioning level

Choosing the right cushioning is crucial for the comfort of our comfortable men's shoes. We offer different levels of cushioning to meet different requirements and activities. For breezy summer shoes, sandals and slippers, we offer light cushioning. These shoes are designed with a zero heel and a thinner sole to provide a light and airy feel while supporting the natural movement of the foot. Our everyday and office shoes, such as trainers, have medium cushioning. These shoes are ideal for walking or work, where comfort and support are equally important. The soles of these shoes offer balanced cushioning to prevent fatigue and ensure all-day comfort. For intense activities such as sports and hiking, our sports and hiking shoes offer a high level of cushioning. These men's shoes have to withstand high loads and protect the foot from impacts and shocks. The soles are particularly robust and offer excellent cushioning to support the foot even during long hikes or intensive sporting activities.

✓ Materials

BÄR's comfortable men's shoes are made from high-quality materials that offer not only comfort but also sustainability. We use carefully selected materials such as soft leather and breathable fabrics that support the foot while allowing freedom of movement. Our genuine leather is sustainably produced and comes from nature. No animal has to die for it, as it is a by-product of the meat industry. We know our suppliers personally and attach great importance to close contact and regular inspections to ensure that our materials meet the highest quality standards. With BÄR men's shoes, you can not only enjoy maximum comfort, but also be sure that you are contributing to a sustainable and ethical production chain.  We are confident in the quality of our materials and craftsmanship and stand behind every shoe we make.

Buy comfortable shoes for men

Enjoy movement in every situation. Whether for everyday wear, sport, travelling or at work: in the BÄR online shop you will find many categories of men's shoes that will get you to your destination in comfort.

Lace-up shoes

Comfortable men's lace-ups ensure a real foot holiday: Treat your feet to the necessary relaxation at events, city trips or on long days at the office.

Discover comfortable lace-up shoes for men

Business Shoes

Stylish and comfortable: Your light-footed and fashionable appearance at customer meetings, in the office or at festive events is assured.

All business shoes for men

Hiking boots & sports shoes

The next outdoor adventure is calling! With our functional men's shoes you will master every challenge in nature, no matter what the weather is like.

Functional hiking and sports shoes for men

boots & ankle boots

Cozily warm on cold days: Defy all weather conditions comfortably and stylishly in our comfortable men's boots and ankle boots.

Overview of boots for men


If it is most beautiful at home, round off the feeling of well-being with comfortable slippers. For the cold days we have added especially warm lambskin slippers to our range.

Comfortable men's slippers


Just right for walks in summer, cycling tours and beach holidays: airy and light-footed, our men's sandals will take you through the city and nature.

Sandals for men


As part of our extensive collection of men's shoes, we also offer a selection of comfortable trainers that give you a pleasant walking sensation all day long and support you in your sporting activities.

Comfortable trainers for men