Relaxed, fashionable and infinitely comfortable:


the BÄR shoe

Loved by feet

Our BÄR shoes are designed to provide your feet with optimum support and meet the most exacting requirements. Toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility come together to deliver the incomparable BÄR feeling of relaxed, barefoot comfort from the very first step.

Dr. Eickelmann, a specialist in orthopaedics, agrees with our philosophy:

  • “Maximum toe freedom, combined with the flexibility of a barefoot shoe (sole 100% natural latex), encourages the foot to cooperate. This promotes muscle development and flexibility of the ligaments and tendons in the foot.”
  • “Extremely low flanks in the ankle area avoid pressure on the veins running there, which are largely responsible for blood circulation in the foot. The increased blood flow ensures a better oxygen supply to the muscles. This increases the performance of the foot.”
  • The toes and heel area are on the same level, which leads to an even load on your foot: the anatomical balance of your spine prevents postural damage and prevents tension in your back, head and neck. The intervertebral discs are relieved and the joints are protected.

Quality starts with the material

As well as striving for perfection and a high standard of quality, BÄR primarily stands out from other brands due to its close attention to materials: we use hand-picked leather and hides. The cowhide and calfskin we use is finished at selected tanneries. The rare elk and other wild animal leather is sourced exclusively from experienced special tanneries.


"Our shoes don't require
Animal die"

Christof Bär

“No animal dies for our shoes,” emphasises Christof Bär. “Wild animals are hunted for forestry reasons and to protect other species, to maintain a healthy balance between fauna and flora. Leather is a by-product of this process which is valued highly in our shoe production process.”

The managers at BÄR know their suppliers personally and make regular visits to check the material quality and production conditions themselves. Both of these factors have to comply with the company’s quality and sustainability criteria to meet the standards for manufacturing BÄR footwear.

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Why do BÄR shoes offer an all-new walking experience?

  • They allow you to experience 100 per cent toefreedom
  • The shoes are consistently designed to follow the natural shape of your foot
  • Walking and standing securely keeps your body statics in balance
  • Pressure on your joints is relieved – like walking barefoot on sand
  • Foot deformities are prevented; your feet can regenerate

Zero hell

How do BÄR shoes support a natural feeling of walking barefoot?

  • The heel and ball of the foot are level with one another
  • The anatomical balance of the spine prevents poor posture
  • Pressure on the intervertebral discs and joints is relieved
  • With everything from thin soles to heavy cushioning, there is the right style for any foot type
  • Tenseness in the back, head and neck is relieved


How do BÄR shoes make walking more enjoyable and offer a new kind of freedom?

  • High-quality materials and designs guarantee maximum comfort when walking
  • The foot can roll anatomically in a soft, flowing movement
  • Good circulation and healthy veins are promoted Muscles and tendons are trained dynamically 
  • BÄR shoes provide the necessary support, stabilise and stop you from twisting your ankle

Award-winning innovations 

We keep our finger on the pulse for your sake: liaising closely with experts from the fields of medicine, biomechanics and new technologies enables us to develop and constantly optimise our soles, fits and design. 

Our trend scouts spot up-and-coming fashions all around the world. The BÄR design team takes both threads and intertwines them to combine the high standards of a comfortable shoe with the fashionable spirit of the time.

That is one of the reasons why industry insiders see us as driving innovation from within the SME sector. We are delighted to have won so many awards in recent years, and they also motivate us to develop new products. However, awards aren’t everything: we are just as proud to have satisfied customers who place their trust in us.

We distribute our shoes ourselves and can plan our quantities exactly, remaining pairs are offered in our outlet. We use leftover material either for new models or for accessories like bags or shoehorns. This is important to us.


*Result of a BÄR customer satisfaction survey in the period 08/23 to 04/24. among 1,071 participants, in which 70% of customers with foot problems noticed a noticeable
improvement in their foot problems since wearing BÄR shoes.**Result of a BÄR customer satisfaction survey in the period 08/23 to 04/24. among 1,071 participants, in which 69% of customers with walking problems have noticed a noticeable improvement since wearing BÄR shoes.***Result of a BÄR customer satisfaction survey in the period 08/23 to 04/24. among 1,071 participants, in which 61% of respondents with hallux valgus noticed a noticeable improvement in their foot problems since wearing BÄR shoes.