The perfect office buddies: barefoot business shoes

Whether you spend all day in the office or go to lots of meetings, trade shows or business events, the wrong shoes can make the working day tortuous. Barefoot business shoes from BÄR combine stylish design with functional comfort and will soon become your best buddies at the office. Perfect with a suit and tie!

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Comfortable and elegant business shoes for men

BÄR doesn’t just develop barefoot shoes for leisure wear: it also makes shoes that help to make a day at the office a pleasant, comfortable experience. Elegance and comfort need not be mutually exclusive.  
Barefoot shoes from BÄR are the ideal suit shoes for men. Perfect worn with a smart shirt and suit, they are in no way inferior to conventional suit shoes. Their greatest advantage over conventional men’s suit shoes is that they are elegant, comfortable and healthy. 
Barefoot shoes from BÄR follow three principles, which make our men’s business shoes the most comfortable choice for the office.
  • Toefreedom: Feet shouldn’t have to conform to shoes: shoes should be foot-shaped. Toefreedom gives your feet the space they need. Foot deformities like bunions and hammer toes can be prevented. Long working days don’t finish with painful feet. Our men’s business shoes support your body statics and balance.
  • Zero heel: Distributing the weight evenly across your heel and the ball of your foot helps to deliver a natural walking sensation. Poor posture is prevented and the shoes support an upright, healthy posture – especially if you wear your men’s business shoes all day.
  • Flexibility: Thanks to their flexibility, barefoot business shoes help the foot to roll anatomically and promote good circulation and healthy veins. Despite their great flexibility, the shoes provide the necessary support and stabilise the foot optimally.

Comfortable business shoes for men: modern and innovative

BÄR is always further developing its footwear to make it even more innovative. A specialist team is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends, which are then incorporated into the development and manufacturing of our shoes.

The aim is to design shoes which support the foot optimally and give the wearer a feeling of complete comfort. Our top priority is for wearers to feel like they are walking barefoot, whichever style they choose. In line with this philosophy, our comfortable business shoes for men – like all other barefoot shoes from BÄR – are designed to be modern, comfortable and innovative.

Office shoes for men: something for every taste     

BÄR’s business shoes for men are available in a range of different designs. Each style is developed based on three principles – toefreedom, zero heel and flexibility – and offers your feet optimum support, comfort and style.

“LOUIS”: elegant in brown  

This elegant lace-up moulds to your foot perfectly. Also available in black, it looks great with business attire. The upper is made from leather and has a seamless forefoot. This style cuts an elegant figure, making it the perfect business shoe for men. 

“BASTIAN”: easy to slip on

These elegant men’s office shoes are easy to slip into. Made from cowhide nappa, this slip-on style has a Sneaker sole for outstanding support. You can wear this shoe from 9 to 5 without your feet developing blisters or sores. 

“DER FEINE”: elegant and comfortable

“Der Feine” is a timeless classic. It is an excellent choice for office wear and meetings. Offering toefreedom and a flexible, non-slip sole, it helps you to feel good from head to toe. Its soft leather, natural structure and colour give this style a certain je ne sais quoi.