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Your younger years are the “cowboy and Indian” years. Or you could call them the “boot and moccasin” years. BÄR boots give you back that carefree feeling of childhood. At the same time, we have perfected them for everyday life and for any age. With the best materials, first-rate craftsmanship and the basis of the legendary BÄR shoe last. Our boots take you further. When the temperature drops, for all your outdoor adventures, and when you need lightweight comfort wherever life takes you.









Julius - BÄR

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Boots for men made of high quality leather 

Each leather has a naturally unique structure and appearance. For our special men's boots we use, among other things, these popular materials, which make the boots for men not only a real eye-catcher, but also resistant, robust and functional:
  • cow nappa leather (regular, embossed or greased)
  • Yak leather
  • Mouflon Leather
  • Beef nubuck leather
  • Calf suede
  • Lambskin or calfskin lining 
From classic hiking and outdoor boots to everyday models, you will find a large selection of comfortable boots for men. So you are well prepared when the weather is enticing you into the countryside, a business meeting is approaching or a holiday is planned. In order to preserve the texture, quality and functionality of the upper material, we give you helpful tips on leather shoe care and recommend high-quality shoe care products.  

Bootees for men - A question of style 

Are you looking for men's ankle boots that you can wear in everyday life or combine with a suit? Discover many variations online or in a store, from classic and elegant to casual and modern looks - rounded off by individual model colours. . 
While some men's boots are ideal street shoes that will get you through the day in bad weather and during the cold season, other men's boots are the perfect outdoor shoes that will allow you to cross any rough terrain in comfort.
The slightly lower shaft of the men's boots compared to the men's boots offer you the same stability at the ankles and safety when walking and hiking. 

Men's boots with plenty of toe freedom

Despite the different look, our men's boots have the same comfortable fit. All boots for men offer a high wearing comfort. The explanation for this is simple: we base the manufacture of our men's boots on the natural shape of the feet. This gives you the feeling in every model that you are walking barefoot. This is made possible by the freedom of the toes. If your toes move without restriction, this has a positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system. You can feel the difference immediately: freedom for toes and feet prevents pain or alleviates existing pain. To achieve this effect, we work closely with doctors and engineers to offer you a stylish and comfortable foot holiday. 
Please feel free to stop by at a store near you and try on our boots for men. You can also buy our men's boots comfortably from home and experience the barefoot feeling.