Women Sandals

Sandals or strappies? The main thing is that they’re comfortable. The quality workmanship that goes into BÄR sandals makes you light on your feet no matter where you are going, be it shopping or on holiday. Because our womens' sandals are perfectly cushioned and give you all the toe freedom you need. For a summery feeling from head to toe.


Leonarda - BÄR






Maila - BÄR

€84.00 €151.00

June - BÄR

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Tabea - BÄR

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Megan - BÄR

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Ladies sandals for spring and summer 

When the days get brighter for longer, the colourful season attracts many more people to the fresh air. Welcome the warming rays of the sun with walks through the greenery and experience how dull landscapes full of life blossom. We are confident that the beginning of spring on March 20th will invite you to experience nature in ladies' sandals or to take a stroll through the city.  
The summer solstice around 21 June ushers in the warm season. Here you may be planning small trips or longer journeys in great weather. Especially now, sandals for women should not be missing to give you freedom of movement and an airy feeling on your feet when exploring unknown regions, taking city trips or just relaxing in parks and enjoying a picnic. 
Sandals for women with a variety of designs, materials and colours
Barefoot sandals for BÄR are comfortable and promote your foot health. They also flatter your feet visually and stylishly round off your fashionable appearance. In our online catalogue you will discover many women's sandals in various designs. Whether classic or trendy, from elegant to minimalist - your style, your choice! Many stylish and functional designs are available to choose from, which, depending on the model, offer appealing colours with which you can fashionably match your clothes. 
In the production of women's sandals, we use numerous quality materials, such as nappa leather and suede from cow, lamb and calf. In addition, we use meticulously processed foiled leather, PU leather as well as textile and polyester. 
The different sandals for women nestle comfortably and elastically against your feet, so that you can enjoy the movement at all times. 

Barefoot sandals with toe clearance  

Sandals are the epitome of free and breathing feet. But to make sure that your toes actually get the space and the possibility to move without restrictions, we have optimized our comfortable and light barefoot sandals to provide maximum toe freedom. Neither the upper material nor straps or other components restrict your toes. This is the only way to create the feeling of walking barefoot in our women's sandals. This comes closest to natural and healthy movement.
Painful feet on long trips are finally a thing of the past! By the way: all BÄR women's shoes are designed to be toe free.  

Buy ladies sandals 

Treat yourself to a well-deserved "foot holiday" for every occasion and every holiday! In our online shop you can buy light, comfortable and high-quality women's sandals, which you will enjoy for a long time thanks to the special quality of workmanship. We have great confidence in our quality standards and would like to convince you with great footwear that your life will run well!