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Every day you stand on your own two feet, at work or in your free time. Proper footwear is the be-all and end-all here. Because strain in the wrong shoes can quickly lead to discomfort that should not be underestimated. The BÄR range offers you trendy men's shoes that combine unrestricted toe freedom with optimal stylish barefoot comfort. Be fashionable and functional from foot to head - it's easy with trendy men's shoes from BÄR.

Quinn - BÄR


Aleo - BÄR


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Erik - BÄR

€168.00 €201.00

Riley - BÄR

€126.00 €143.00

Trenzo - BÄR

€126.00 €185.00

Jamie - BÄR

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Barry - BÄR

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Jan - BÄR

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exploreToes 2.0 - BÄR
exploreToes 2.0

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Buy trendy men's shoes at BÄR

Work keeps you on your feet and you're also out and about a lot on your days off. Over a long period of time, continuous walking and standing can be very strenuous for the body. To ensure that your foot health is always maintained and that you can still keep going, we at BÄR support you with our expertise. Your comfort is our goal.


BÄR shoes for men are always on trend and the ideal companion for every occasion. Each model is meticulously handcrafted for you in our factories. High-class materials are combined in up to 160 steps to guarantee you the highest quality. In doing so, we always act sustainably and conscientiously. A comfortable feel and functional flexibility make our trendy shoes for men fashionable all-rounders.

Every BÄR barefoot shoe meets the following three criteria without exception:

  • Toefreedom: Possible pressure points on your feet are a thing of the past with the maximum toe freedom of our products. Your body statics remain in balance every time you walk or stand, as they are stabilised and thus securely embedded. The load on your body when wearing BÄR shoes is always even, which can prevent heel spurs and arthritis, for example.
  • Zero heel: The zero heel supports an even load on your feet. With the improved blood circulation that this favours, tension can be eased or avoided, even in the neck. The perfect sole for your foot ensures relaxation - even when walking or standing.
  • Flexibility: Light and malleable at the same time, the flexibility of our men's shoes offers a natural movement for your body. The anatomical rolling movement takes place fluidly, which at the same time dynamically trains your muscles. Optimal foot climate and highest walking comfort will inspire you.

Trendy shoes for men made of the best materials

Want to run barefoot and still be protected and comfortable? With our trendy barefoot shoes, this dream becomes reality. You'll walk like on clouds and benefit your foot health at the same time. BÄR guarantees this not only through toe freedom, zero heel and flexibility, but also through the exclusively excellent materials used. The high-quality leather, which we purchase from only selected suppliers, will feel like a second skin. At BÄR, the shoe adapts to the foot, not the other way round. Trendy shoes for men from our range are timeless classics that will shine on any occasion. In addition to leather, some of our models are also made of various functional textiles. The resulting hard-wearing combination of materials makes for breathable and water-repellent shoes that will delight any man. Whether at work or in your free time, with trendy men's shoes from BÄR you will always be light on your feet.



Trendy shoes for men and all their activities

Shoe trends are varied and constantly changing. Whether with timeless models or shoes for specific occasions, with men's shoes from BÄR you will meet all the trends at the cutting edge. Enjoy leisure sports with our breathable sports shoes or cut a fine figure in sturdy boots. Whether it's casual sneakers for everyday wear that make every activity fun or stylish low shoes that are a real eye-catcher at meetings and parties - you'll always be on the right track with our trendy men's shoes.

Browse through our wide range now and discover the perfect shoes for your look, for every season, for every occasion. BÄR men's shoes combine maximum comfort with balanced rest for your feet and body. Stylish yet healthy - men's shoes from BÄR are always on trend.


Be part of every trend with BÄR shoes for men

Get started now with trendy men's shoes from BÄR. Each shoe is handmade with passion and precision, is durable and stands the test of time. Maximum toe freedom, pleasant flexibility and the zero heel guarantee your unforgettable barefoot comfort. Move about your everyday life as usual and be amazed at the optimisation of your foot climate. Relieved joints, relaxed but trained muscles and stimulated blood circulation are just some of the many benefits of our trendy shoes for men. Gain freedom for your feet and choose shoes from BÄR.