The perfect office buddies: women’s business shoes

Whether you spend all day in the office or go to lots of meetings, trade shows or business events, the wrong shoes can make the working day tortuous. Barefoot business shoes from BÄR combine stylish design with functional comfort and will soon become your best buddies at the office. Perfect with elegant business outfits.

Myla - BÄR


Delia - BÄR


Brie 2.0 - BÄR
Brie 2.0


Denise - BÄR


Jaden - BÄR




Maila - BÄR

€84.00 €151.00





Mie - BÄR

€168.00 €201.00



Teri - BÄR

€193.00 €235.00

Noemi - BÄR

€159.00 €193.00


Ladies Business Shoes  

Professional life is characterized by many occasions that require mobility. Whether it's everyday office life, customer meetings, trade fair appearances or business trips - the job often demands a lot of flexibility from you. Even an elegant outfit is part of the good tone in many industries. That's why stylish women's business shoes with high wearing comfort are essential. Aching feet impair concentration and general well-being. If stressful situations arise in addition, the day is literally over. 
Business shoes for women from BÄR combine look and comfort. Made of fine leather, our shoes are a stylish highlight with their subtle shine effects. With them you can round off your modern business outfit in a fitting way. 

Women's business shoes with toe freedom 

The "secret" of our comfortable women's business shoes is the toe freedom. All models are based on the principle that your toes can move without restriction. As a result, you feel comfortable and benefit from numerous health advantages: 
Overall, barefoot shoes with toe freedom have a positive effect on the entire body statics. They relieve the spine, tendons and joints. Another advantage is that free toes - as in barefoot walking - is the most natural form of locomotion and that this freedom promotes the anatomical function of the feet.
In our ladies' business shoes you will experience comfortable relaxation during any business event, which ensures an all-embracing feeling of well-being. So you keep a clear head and can concentrate on the essentials. Try out our comfortable business shoes for ladies and experience that, for example, long waiting for the train or standing at the exhibition stand won't harm your feet. 
Business shoes for women made of quality material 
For the production of elegant ladies business shoes suede, nappa and patent leather. Our production is based on high quality standards, so that you can enjoy your BÄR shoes for a long time. With love for detail and meticulous workmanship, we have been creating special women's shoes for more than 35 years. 

Buy business shoes for ladies  

Experience a walking holiday at work with comfortable and elegant ladies business shoes from BÄR. Find tasteful companions in our online shop or try on the pairs in one of our Stores. If you haven't had the opportunity to try on real barefoot shoes yet, you'll be thrilled by the feeling of freedom. All BÄR shoe models are based on the same basic principle, which is why you are welcome to look around for shoes for everyday life or sports.