Hike in comfort with women’s barefoot shoes for walking

Up hill or down dale, exploring on foot is fun – especially if your feet feel fantastic and are happy to take you to your destination or even beyond. Walking and hiking shoes from BÄR are tough, comfortable companions, whatever your route.


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Women’s barefoot walking shoes: comfort and functionality combined

Good, high-quality equipment is a must for walking and hiking. Weatherproof, comfortable clothing allows you to enjoy your adventure to the full and leave the daily grind far behind. It is particularly important to wear clothing that feels comfortable – and a big part of that is choosing the right footwear. Your women’s walking shoes should offer the utmost comfort – and that is not a problem with barefoot hiking shoes for ladies!

Barefoot walking shoes are the perfect choice for the great outdoors. Not only are they designed to meet the requirements of walkers and hikers, they are also extremely comfortable and make you feel like you are walking barefoot on sand.

What’s more, BÄR walking and hiking shoes can support good foot health.




Utmost comfort in footwear from BÄR: barefoot walking shoes for women 

BÄR has set itself the task of developing shoes that differ from conventional footwear. Whatever set of requirements a shoe is designed for, the principle of walking barefoot is at the heart of each and every model. Our barefoot walking shoes and boots for women also follow these principles:



  • Toefreedom: Every pair of shoes from BÄR moulds to your natural foot shape. Conventional footwear usually does the opposite. This often restricts your feet and causes blisters and pain. The toefreedom in our ladies’ walking and hiking shoes relieves pressure on your joints, which have to work particularly hard on walks. Circulation is promoted and your muscles are actively engaged. Fascial adhesions, heel spurs and arthritis can be prevented.
  • Zero heel: Our women’s walking shoes have zero heel, distributing weight evenly across your foot to support a natural-feeling gait. The heel and ball of the foot are level with one another. Pressure on the intervertebral discs and joints is relieved, circulation is promoted and poor posture can be prevented by achieving anatomical balance in your spine. 
  • Flexibility: Our hiking shoes for women are extraordinarily flexible to ensure that your feet roll in an even, soft, flowing movement. The ladies’ walking shoes help to deliver the utmost in comfort with their high-quality materials like leather and functional fabric. Although they are extremely flexible, the women’s shoes for walking provide the necessary support and stabilise your feet, preventing you from twisting your ankle.




Functionality: the perfect women’s barefoot walking shoes

Your feet have to work very hard, especially on long walks or hiking trips. Finding the right walking shoes is often trickier than you might think. At BÄR, you will find women’s hiking shoes and boots which follow the principle of walking barefoot and tick all the right boxes for outdoor adventures.

Our hiking shoes for women are durable, water-repellent, temperature-regulating and ergonomic. They are the perfect companions for steep climbs and even provide the best possible support in adverse weather conditions. Don’t let uncomfortable walking shoes spoil another walk or hiking trip – enjoy nature to the full.




Walking barefoot: promote good foot health with barefoot hiking shoes for women

Ladies’ barefoot walking shoes support your feet and promote the feeling of walking barefoot. The shoes protect your feet optimally and are tailored precisely to the needs of walkers and hikers. At the same time, your feet benefit from the advantages of walking barefoot:


  • the foot muscles are strengthened
  • ligaments and tendons are trained
  • coordination is improved
  • the ankle is stabilised and the risk of injury reduced
  • foot deformities are prevented
  • the calves are trained
  • a healthy walking style is promoted
  • knee and back pain is relieved by a healthy posture


Walking barefoot also has a positive effect on your perception: you will soon realise that walking in women’s hiking shoes heightens your awareness because you can feel the ground beneath your feet more. This gives you a unique experience on your walks – one you won’t want to do without.


High-quality walking and hiking shoes for women from BÄR

BÄR offers walking and hiking shoes for ladies in various styles. Each and every pair combines functionality with comfort, design and quality because BÄR invests in the further development of its footwear and is constantly coming up with new designs and barefoot shoe styles to make its product even better. Quality is our top priority.

The walking boot “Innsbruck” is very popular. It is very tough and gives your feet the necessary support and stability. Because it is made from leather and functional fabric, it is also hard-wearing, breathable and water-repellent. All this makes it the ideal boot for exciting hill walks.


Women’s shoes for walking: comprehensive service from BÄR

From lightweight women’s walking shoes to tough hiking boots, BÄR has the perfect pair for you. If you are unsure, contact the BÄR customer service team by calling +49 (0)800 5165 6556 or emailing [email protected].

Our experts will be happy to answer any questions about our footwear and advise you. Try them for yourself!