Women Boots

Firm grip and pleasant freedom of movement don’t have to be mutually exclusive. When you’re wearing ladies’ boots from BÄR, whether in classic or sneaker style, you’ll be happy to tread new ground. Our boots are handmade to ensure they're right for your feet. A joy when it’s cold and miserable outside.



Halle - BÄR

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Carola - BÄR

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Ladies boots: Trendy. Elegant. Comfortable. 

Attractive look without sacrificing comfort: from practical winter boots to fashionable city boots and elegant business boots, you will find high-quality boots for every occasion and every season in our online shop. 
The attractive BÄR women's boots provide you with a comfortable base that relieves strain on your joints and back. A further highlight of our boots for women is the comfortable calf-fit design, which gives every wearer a pleasant feeling. In addition, the stylish women's boots can be put on effortlessly - a fact which unfortunately is far from being a matter of course. 
The exclusive look and high functionality are achieved through high production standards and selected quality materials. For example, we use calf nappa leather, black calf leather, water-repellent calf suede and greased cow nappa leather.

Elegant boots with highest quality standards! 

Fashionable boots are eye-catching eye-catchers that can be combined with many of your outfits - from casual to sophisticated. Take advantage of our many years of experience if you are looking for beautiful boots for women that you will enjoy for a long time to come. You will find various elegant boots for women with pleasant wearing comfort in our range.    

Boots for women with toe freedom

Can nice boots be healthy? Yes! BÄR ladies' boots are based on the principle of freedom of toes. In our boots for women, it ensures that the spine, joints and tendons are relieved. The be-all and end-all in the design of our footwear is to preserve the natural, biomechanical foot function. Our aim is to preserve and promote them. 
Pressed toes lead in the long term to malpositioning and compensatory movements that put a strain on the entire body statics. Keep this important aspect in mind when ordering new ladies boots online.
BÄR's ladies' boots are among the barefoot shoes. Read here what barefoot shoes are and how they promote your health. 
If you are looking for comfortable boots that look elegant and at the same time are good for your health in the long term, then you will find them in our online shop. Our friendly team will be happy to advise you in detail if you have any questions about health issues. Your life will run well with BÄR.

Buy boots online 

If there is no BÄR Store near you, you can buy ladies' boots from the comfort of your own home. Discover all boots for women and choose your favourite pair. Within a few days we will deliver the elegant companions and the next excursion can begin!