Easily through everyday with barefoot shoes

Women's shoes with minimal sole, which combine maximum freedom of toes and pleasant barefoot comfort. Enjoy the feeling of walking barefoot! Thanks to the minimal sole and high-quality upper material, BÄR barefoot shoes provide a natural walking feeling without any restriction to the natural freedom of movement of your toes. Experience the difference - with original BÄR barefoot shoes!


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Women's shoes with minimal sole by BÄR

Do you like to spend a lot of time in nature and go for long walks? Or are you constantly on the move in the office, at meetings or trade fairs and keep everything running? Regardless of how you organise your daily routine, your feet often work non-stop. As this can be very strenuous, especially over the long term, suitable shoes are indispensable. At BÄR, our aim is to provide you with active and competent support. Your healthy foot climate and physical well-being are our top priority.

Minimal shoes for women from BÄR accompany you on all your adventures and keep you actively fit. All models in the range are handmade in our factories in up to 160 steps. BÄR shoes are made sustainably and are highly functional as well as comfortable and stylish. With women's shoes with a minimal sole from BÄR, you benefit from natural movement and at the same time enjoy an exceptional wearing experience.

Every BÄR shoe meets the following criteria without exception:

  • Toefreedom: Unrestricted toe freedom means that possible pressure points caused by incorrect footwear are a thing of the past. By walking in BÄR barefoot shoes, your body statics always remain in balance. As you regain your natural range of motion, complaints such as heel spurs and arthritis can be prevented.
  • Zero heel: A zero heel ensures that your feet are evenly loaded. This means that there is no arch, i.e. there is no difference in height between the forefoot and the heel. The very thin sole thus improves your blood circulation, which in turn helps to prevent tension up to the neck.
  • Flexibility: BÄR shoes are robust and malleable at the same time. This flexibility benefits the anatomical rolling movement of your feet, which at the same time dynamically trains your muscles. The combination of what feels like walking barefoot and an optimal foot climate keeps you fit, from foot to head.





Minimal shoes for women: The best choice for your foot health

If you choose women's shoes with minimal soles, you will train your foot muscles every time you wear them. The very thin but flexible sole gives you ground contact, which creates an active, sensory perception. You enjoy the feeling of walking barefoot, but do not have to do without protection. Switching to minimal shoes requires a period of acclimatisation. Wear your women's shoes with minimal soles from BÄR for 30 to 60 minutes a day at first to get your feet used to this new sensory impression. Comfort and foot health will steadily increase.


Barefoot shoes for women made from the best materials

With minimal shoes from BÄR, you can combine a barefoot feeling with protected wearing comfort. The active sensation of the ground and the natural posture benefit your muscles. The toe freedom, zero heel and flexibility of BÄR shoes make a significant contribution to this. But it is also the high-quality materials we use that make our women's shoes with minimal soles the perfect footwear for you.

The high-quality leather from selected suppliers that we use for the upper material, for example, means that the shoe fits your feet like a second skin. In addition to leather, some of our models are also made of various functional textiles. This durable combination of materials makes BÄR barefoot shoes breathable, water-repellent and light as a feather. Any moisture on your feet is also released to the outside. Benefit from the best possible foot climate and choose BÄR.


Women's shoes with minimal soles: a highlight every season

Every woman has her own individual ideas and requirements when it comes to shoes. This diversity is reflected in the models from BÄR. With our minimal shoes you will always have your finger on the pulse. Are you looking for tasteful ballerinas for every occasion? Casual sneakers or charming sandals for spring and summer? Or do you want barefoot shoes for the winter that will always keep you warm? You'll find all this and much more in the wide range of BÄR shoes.

You are guaranteed unrestricted freedom of movement and the best wearing comfort when you choose our women's shoes with minimal soles. Discover the diversity of BÄR now and let yourself be inspired. Your feet will thank you.




Customise minimal shoes for women with BÄR

Let your creativity run free and design your barefoot shoes according to your personal wishes. Once you have found the perfect model in our online shop, you can customise the colour, shoe size and optionally the material. Would you like a custom-made shoe? With BÄR, this dream becomes a reality. Our custom-made shoes meet the high quality standards without exception and offer maximum wearing comfort thanks to toe clearance. Zero heel and flexibility.

BÄR shoes are extremely durable, so you will enjoy them for many years to come. Should any damage or defects occur unexpectedly, you can easily make use of our guarantee. This is 36 months instead of 24 months - because we are convinced of our products. Our in-house repair service is also available to provide you with competent assistance if required.

Your satisfaction and your trust are our top priority. Do you have any questions, suggestions or requests? We will be happy to help you personally. You can reach us by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone on 0800 51 65 65 56. We look forward to hearing from you.