Women's shoes with minimal soles that combine maximum toe freedom with pleasant barefoot comfort. Enjoy the feeling of walking barefoot! Thanks to the minimal sole and the high-quality upper material, BÄR barefoot shoes provide a natural walking sensation without restricting the natural freedom of movement of the toes. Experience the difference - with original BÄR barefoot shoes!

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Barefoot shoes are now more than just a trend. But what makes them so special?

A glance at the BÄR barefoot shoes for women does not necessarily reveal at first glance that they are barefoot shoes. The high-quality leather creates a stylish look that blends seamlessly into a variety of women's outfits. BÄR dispenses with superfluous frills and simply offers beautiful shoes.

What makes these shoes unique, however, is 100% toe freedom. Your feet not only adapt to the shoe, but the shoe adapts to the shape of your foot. This allows you to experience the barefoot feeling that promotes natural movement. The big toe becomes an anchor and stabiliser, while the asymmetrical last follows the natural shape of the foot, providing more space for the toes at the front.

Barfußschuhe für Damen Vorteile

Barefoot shoes for women with minimal sole from BÄR

Do you love nature and long walks? Or are you constantly on the move in the office, at meetings or at trade fairs to keep everything running smoothly? No matter how you organise your daily routine, your feet often work tirelessly. As this can be very strenuous, especially in the long term, the right footwear is essential. At BÄR, we want to support you actively and competently. Your healthy foot climate and your physical well-being are our top priority.

Beautiful barefoot shoes for women from BÄR accompany you on all your endeavours and keep you actively fit. In our factories, all models in the range are made especially for you by hand in up to 160 steps. BÄR barefoot shoes are sustainable, highly functional, comfortable and beautiful. With BÄR women's shoes with minimal soles, you can promote natural movement and enjoy an exceptional wearing comfort at the same time.

Every BÄR shoe fulfils the following criteria without exception:

  • Toe freedom: Unrestricted toe freedom means that pressure points caused by incorrect footwear are a thing of the past. By walking in BÄR barefoot shoes, the body statics always remain in balance. The natural movement sequence can prevent complaints such as heel spurs and arthrosis.
  • Zero heel: A zero heel ensures an even load on the feet. There is no drop, i.e. no difference in height between the forefoot and heel. The very thin sole improves circulation, which in turn prevents tension in the neck.
  • Flexibility: Barefoot shoes from BÄR are robust and flexible at the same time. This flexibility benefits the anatomical rolling behaviour of the feet, which also dynamically trains the muscles. The combination of the sensation of walking barefoot and an optimum foot climate keeps you fit from head to toe.

Find out more about soothing barefoot shoes and their benefits for your well-being.

Minimal shoes for women - shoes like bare feet

If you opt for women's shoes with thin soles, you train your foot muscles every time you wear them. The very thin but flexible sole allows you to make contact with the ground and thus promotes active sensory perception. You enjoy the feeling of walking barefoot without having to sacrifice protection. Switching to minimal shoes requires a familiarisation phase. Wear your women's shoes with minimal soles from BÄR for 30 to 60 minutes a day to get your feet used to the new feeling. This will increase the comfort and well-being of your feet.

Barefoot shoes for women made from the best materials

BÄR barefoot shoes combine a barefoot feeling with protected comfort. The active perception of the ground and the natural posture benefit your muscles. The toe freedom, zero heel and flexibility of BÄR shoes contribute significantly to this. The high-quality materials we use also make our women's shoes with mini soles the perfect shoe for you.

Thanks to the high-quality leather from selected suppliers that we use for the upper material, for example, the shoe moulds to your foot like a second skin. In addition to leather, some of our models are also made from various functional textiles. This hard-wearing combination of materials makes BÄR barefoot shoes breathable, water-repellent and light as a feather at the same time. In addition, any foot moisture is transported to the outside. You too can benefit from an optimum foot climate and choose BÄR.


Beautiful barefoot shoes for women: A highlight in every season

Every wearer has individual ideas and requirements for their shoes. This diversity is reflected in the models from BÄR. With our barefoot shoes, you are always in tune with the times. Are you looking for tasteful ballerinas for every occasion? Looking for casual trainers or pretty sandals for spring and summer? Or barefoot shoes for winter that will always keep you warm? You'll find all this and much more in BÄR's extensive range.

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White barefoot shoes for women at BÄR - Elegant and versatile

Discover our wide range of colours, including popular classics such as white barefoot shoes for women, which are not only extremely comfortable to wear, but also impress with their timeless elegance. White barefoot shoes for women are not only timelessly elegant, but can also be combined in a variety of ways. At BÄR you will find an impressive selection of barefoot shoes in brilliant white, which not only impress with their design, but also with their quality. From sporty trainers to elegant boots, BÄR offers popular models in white that go perfectly with different outfits and occasions. They combine modern design with the comfort and health benefits of barefoot shoes. Discover the variety of barefoot shoes for women in white in the BÄR range now and experience style and comfort in perfection.




Barefoot shoes for women: The right model for every occasion

Discover the variety of barefoot shoes for women that are perfect for every occasion. Whether for a walk in the park, a visit to the gym or a relaxed day in the city - we have the right model for you. Immerse yourself in a unique wearing sensation and experience the comfort and freedom that our barefoot shoes offer you. Choose from a variety of styles and designs and find your perfect companion for every day.

Barefoot sneaker

barefoot shoes for womenOur barefoot trainers for women set new standards in comfort and style. With a unique focus on the natural shape of the foot and freedom of movement, our trainers offer an unrivalled wearing experience. Thanks to high-quality materials and well thought-out designs, they not only promote the well-being of your feet, but also add a modern touch to your look. Whether you lead an active lifestyle or want to master your everyday life with ease - BÄR barefoot trainers are the perfect choice for women who value quality and functionality. Walk confidently and stylishly without sacrificing the comfort your feet deserve.

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Barefoot boots

Our BÄR barefoot ankle boot collection for women combines elegance and functionality. Thanks to their innovative design and high-quality workmanship, these elegant barefoot shoes provide a natural walking sensation that promotes the well-being and vitality of the feet. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the ergonomic fit, the barefoot boots from BÄR guarantee a pleasant wearing experience all day long. Whether on a stroll through town or an adventure in the great outdoors, these shoes offer the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics for modern women who value their well-being.

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Buy long-lasting barefoot shoes for women from BÄR - expert service included

Shoes from BÄR are extremely durable, so you will enjoy them for many years to come.  Our in-house repair service will also provide you with expert assistance if required.

Your satisfaction and your trust are our top priority. Do you have any questions, suggestions or requests? We will be happy to help you personally. You can reach us by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone on +49 (0)7142 95 66 10. We look forward to hearing from you.

The most frequently asked questions and answers about barefoot shoes for women

Can you wear barefoot shoes all day?

This depends on various individual factors. Many women find barefoot shoes comfortable and can wear them all day. However, it is important to note that switching to barefoot shoes can mean a familiarisation phase for some people. The foot muscles and gait can change when switching from conventional shoes to barefoot shoes. It is therefore advisable to increase the wearing time slowly to give the foot muscles time to adapt.

It is also important to note that the suitability of barefoot shoes for all-day wear depends on the individual's activities. Anyone who spends most of the day on their feet or has special footwear requirements should take this into account when choosing barefoot shoes.


Should I wear socks in barefoot shoes?

The decision to wear socks in BÄR barefoot shoes is a matter of personal preference. Some prefer the direct barefoot feel, while others favour thin, breathable socks for comfort and hygiene. In colder seasons or in environments where extra protection is required, socks in barefoot shoes can provide comfort while keeping feet warm.


For whom are barefoot shoes not suitable?

BÄR barefoot shoes may not be suitable for women with severe foot problems, orthopaedic conditions or in working environments with special safety requirements. If in doubt, seek professional advice before use.


Can women with hallux valgus wear barefoot shoes?

Women with hallux valgus can wear barefoot shoes from BÄR Schuhe as they are optimised for hallux valgus. However, it is advisable to discuss individual needs with a specialist to ensure that the shoes meet the specific requirements. Please contact us.


Are barefoot shoes good for the knees?

Barefoot shoes from BÄR Schuhe can help to promote natural foot movement and strengthen the foot muscles, which can have a positive effect on knee health. Nevertheless, if you have knee problems or complaints, the suitability of barefoot shoes should be checked individually and, if in doubt, specialist advice should be sought.