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The BÄR Aktiv collection is perfect for active people. Whether you enjoy Nordic walking, hiking, travelling or exercising alfresco, the range includes something for everyone. The outdoor footwear is made from extra tough leather which has been tanned for a water-repellent finish or from durable high-tech fabrics. Innovative soles which are flexible, heavily cushioned and/or non-slip round of these styles. As always, toefreedom comes as standard. 


Jandia - BÄR


Jess - BÄR


Addict WR - BÄR
Addict WR

€117.00 €168.00

Light Trail Knit - BÄR
Light Trail Knit

€143.00 €168.00

Trail Addict - BÄR
Trail Addict

€106.00 €164.00

TransEuropa 2.0 - BÄR
TransEuropa 2.0

€168.00 €210.00

Ultreya - BÄR

€84.00 €185.00

trekToes RS - BÄR
trekToes RS

€109.00 €164.00

Ladies outdoor shoes for trekking and hiking 

How do you design your outdoor adventures? Do you prefer to go for leisurely walks in the woods? Do you like jogging along challenging trails? Are you fond of trekking and hiking tours through the mountains? With women's outdoor shoes from BÄR you can individually enjoy your freedom and break out of your everyday life. They are specially designed for extended and demanding tours. If you are planning longer hikes, you will feel right at home in our comfortable, safe and comfortable outdoor shoes. 
Outdoor shoes for women offer a lot of protection and secure footing on rough terrain and in surprising changes of weather. The modern footwear is particularly functional and keeps your feet dry and warm. The high-quality leather in our ladies outdoor shoes is hard-wearing, robust and water-repellent. So even trips to snowy regions are no problem. 

Comfortable outdoor shoes with toe clearance 

Comfortable and comfortable outdoor shoes are the basic prerequisite for painless movement. So that you can set off on your journey carefree and relaxed, we have designed our ladies' outdoor shoes according to the biomechanical principle of toe freedom - in close cooperation with doctors and engineers. The unrestricted movement of the toes, which are not constrained by a rigid and tight shape, allows you to move naturally as if you were walking barefoot. Toe freedom strengthens the foot muscles and relieves the spine. 
Stay painlessly on tour with our comfortable outdoor shoes so that you can concentrate fully on nature and your thoughts. After all, being out in the fresh air is supposed to do you good and help you relax mentally despite sporting activities. 

Buy outdoor shoes and benefit from a long warranty period 
If you buy outdoor shoes online or directly in a BÄR store, you will receive a 36-month guarantee on every pair. Our comfortable women's outdoor shoes are manufactured under particularly high quality criteria, combining loving craftsmanship and high-quality leather. In general, outdoor shoes are subject to greater wear and tear than other women's shoes. The terrain itself, dirt and weather influences demand a lot from the material. With the right cleaning technique, however, you can easily achieve the great look and functionality of the leather. If you would like to learn more about the ideal cleaning of your outdoor shoes for women, you will find many helpful tips for leather shoe care here.