Women's Shoes for Wide Feet

At BÄR, we know the needs of women with wide feet and have developed shoes that fulfil these requirements. Our "Comfort" fit, high-quality materials and other special shoe features such as 100% toe freedom and flexible soles not only guarantee an optimum fit, but also a comfortable wearing experience that lasts all day. From elegant ballerinas to robust walking shoes, we offer a wide range of models and styles to suit every taste and occasion for women with wide feet. Discover our women's wide shoes and experience how BÄR takes your comfort and satisfaction to a new level.

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Wide women's shoes important for well-being

Damenschuhe für breite Füße WohlbefindenThe importance of wide women's shoes goes far beyond the fashion aspect. In addition to style and aesthetics, comfort plays a decisive role. Wide and extra-wide shoes offer women with wider feet the opportunity to experience a pleasant wearing experience all day long without pressure points or pain. These shoes take into account the individual shape of the foot and offer sufficient space for the toes, which not only increases comfort but also general well-being. The right fit and width supports the natural movement of the foot, which in turn reduces the risk of foot problems. Overall, wide shoes help women to walk through everyday life and special occasions not only in style, but also fit and comfortable.

BÄR women's shoes for wide feet in the Comfort and Comfort+ fits

BÄR women's shoes for wide feet offer outstanding features: Our special fits for wide feet are the Comfort fit with a wider cut, which is suitable for normal to wide feet, and the Comfort+ fit with a more voluminous cut, which has been specially developed for wide and strong feet. Another outstanding feature is the 100% toe freedom, which guarantees unrivalled freedom of movement and support for the foot. Thanks to the generous width and innovative design, the shoes adapt perfectly to the natural shape of the foot, which not only minimises the risk of pressure points, but also promotes healthy foot posture. The flexible sole allows for natural movement and a comfortable walking sensation, while high-quality, soft materials ensure a luxurious feel. This combination of a first-class fit, perfect comfort properties and high-quality materials makes BÄR shoes the ideal choice for women with wide feet who are looking for a wide and comfortable shoe.

High-quality leather for wide women's shoes at BÄR

BÄR QualitätslederFor the width and flexibility of our women's shoes at BÄR, we rely on high-quality materials such as leather and vegan textiles. Leather is an excellent material for making women's shoes for wide feet, as it also offers good stretchability and adaptability.

  • Natural elasticity: High-quality leather has a certain elasticity by nature. Through wear and the movement of the foot, the leather gradually adapts to the shape of the foot, resulting in a customised and comfortable fit for women's shoes for wide feet. 
  • Use of soft or supple leather: Not all leather is the same. Soft or supple leather, such as calfskin or certain types of suede, is naturally more flexible than harder leather. For BÄR shoes with wider widths, calfskin is mainly used for the upper and lining.
  • Combination with other materials: At BÄR, leather is often combined with other flexible materials to improve the overall flexibility of the shoe. For example, elasticated inserts or stretch inserts made of fabric can be used in combination with leather to provide additional stretch, especially in areas where a lot of movement is required, e.g. in the forefoot area. A possible combination for women's shoes with extra width is textile, calf suede, neoprene.

It is important for us to emphasise that our leather products are carefully made from hand-selected hides and skins. We work closely with selected tanneries that refine our cowhide and calfskin to ensure the highest quality and durability. We also source suede exclusively from experienced specialised tanneries that we personally trust. We know our suppliers personally and ensure that they also attach the greatest importance to environmental and climate protection.

Wide women's shoes for wide feet with BÄR special soles

Special width and flexibility soles for wide women's shoes play a crucial role in maximising comfort and support for wearers with wide feet. These soles are carefully designed to cover a larger area while providing flexibility to allow the wide foot to move more naturally. The specially developed soles for wide women's shoes from the BÄR brand guarantee maximum comfort and flexibility. Here is an overview of the different types of BÄR soles with high flexibility:

Porolight sole:

  • Extremely lightweight EVA compound
  • Soft, fatigue-free cushioning
  • High flexibility in the ball area

Sneaker sole:

  • Made from 100 % natural rubber
  • Unrivalled softness and high flexibility
  • Perfect for a sporty look and a comfortable feel

Nose sole:

  • Also made from 100 % natural rubber
  • Similar properties to a sneaker sole
  • Ensures natural movement when walking

Softflex sole:

  • Made from high-quality natural rubber
  • Provides the ultimate soft step
  • Supports natural movement and is extremely flexible

With these innovative soles, BÄR shoes achieve a new level of comfort and functionality for women with wider feet. When choosing your shoes for wide feet, pay attention to which sole is used for which model and enjoy the maximum comfort of your extra flexible and wide shoes.

Wide shoes for women with hallux valgus

BÄR women's shoes are not only known for their quality and comfort, but also for being specially tailored to the needs of women with foot problems such as hallux valgus. These shoes have been carefully designed and developed to provide an optimal fit and support without compromising on style. By using high-quality, soft materials and innovative technologies, BÄR women's shoes ensure natural foot movement and minimise pressure points that can occur with hallux valgus. The wide fit and special shaping in the toe area ensure that the foot has sufficient space and is not constricted, which is particularly important for reducing pain and discomfort. In addition, the sole structures provide excellent cushioning and stability to make walking more comfortable. This makes BÄR women's shoes for wide feet the ideal choice for women with hallux valgus who are looking for shoes that are not only fashionable and functional, but above all comfortable and pain-relieving. 

BÄR barefoot shoes for wide women's feet 

Barfußschuhe Damen: SandalenAt BÄR you will find an impressive collection of barefoot shoes for women, which are also ideal for women with wider feet. This collection is characterised by features such as 100% toe freedom, which gives an incomparable feeling of freedom and mobility. The walking experience is completely new and natural, as the shoes follow the natural shape of the foot, guaranteeing an ideal fit. The flexible and thin sole allows you to feel the ground directly and supports the natural movement of the foot. In addition, the zero heel ensures a balanced gait and promotes a healthy posture. Barefoot shoes from BÄR combine comfort, functionality and style in a unique way and are a first-class choice, especially for women with wide feet. The barefoot models include women's barefoot sneakers and barefoot ankle boots and many other models for every occasion and every style.

BÄR women's shoes with a wide foot from elegant to sporty

BÄR offers a wide range of designs and styles for women with wider feet that are both elegant and sporty. For special occasions, there are elegant shoes such as loafers or ballerinas that have been specially developed for wider feet without compromising on style and elegance. These shoes are perfect for formal occasions or business meetings. For active women, BÄR also offers sporty shoes for wide feet such as trainers or hiking boots. These models combine functionality with fashionable design and offer comfort and support all day long, whether training in the gym, walking in the park or hiking in the mountains. Whether casual or formal, BÄR has the right shoes for women with wide feet in various designs and styles.