Women Hiking / running and sports shoes

Hiking, trekking, running – this always involves enjoying nature up close and unhindered. This works best when your feet can also share the experience. Hiking, trekking and running shoes from BÄR enable them to do just that. With stability, comfort and toe freedom. Ladies’ shoes from BÄR bring back that feeling of running naturally. So that you can feel the world at your feet.


Light Trail Knit - BÄR
Light Trail Knit

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TransEuropa 2.0 - BÄR
TransEuropa 2.0

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Ladies hiking boots - Healthy and comfortable  

Outdoor adventures are ideal for leaving everyday life behind for a few hours or days. Fresh air and exercise are balm for the soul and the be-all and end-all for health. With ladies hiking boots from BÄR you have comfortable companions for all your excursions - and in all weathers. Our high-quality hiking boots for women are durable, water-repellent, climate-regulating and ergonomic. Equipped with them, you can overcome rough terrain effortlessly and survive even sudden changes in weather with optimum protection. During winter walks and hikes, our hiking boots for women keep your feet comfortably warm. Cold feet quickly cause complete discomfort, so it is important to protect them from the cold radiating from the ground.  
Ladies hiking boots from BÄR are based on the principle of healthy and comfortable toe freedom. Only if your toes can move freely and are not pinched by the hiking shoe will your foot health remain intact. Your toes then also take over the power transmission and stabilisation function without restriction. All our ladies barefoot shoes are designed to maintain and promote foot health. Discover our comfortable hiking boots for women and enjoy painless movement. 

Hiking boots for women made of quality material 

In the production of our hiking shoes for women we use high quality suede, nappa leather and nubuck leather. These leathers are particularly hard-wearing and water-repellent. In addition to their remarkable functionality, each of these varieties gives the women's hiking shoes an exclusive and fashionable look. During trekking trips and hikes, the material is subject to constant wear and tear: Dirt, weather conditions and nature itself demand a lot from women's hiking boots. Regular cleaning is important so that you can preserve the function and chic appearance of your shoes in the long term. Here we provide you with detailed information on how to care for leather shoes. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to advise you in more detail about the techniques and care products.  

Sports shoes for women: Fit and cheerful start 

In the functional women's sports shoes you will run up to top performances: Our shoes help you to concentrate fully on your workout, the track or your favourite discipline. In the gym, in the gym and in the great outdoors, our sports shoes for women are comfortable, healthy and efficient training partners. Jogging, walking, hiking - everything is possible. In the light women's sports shoes you can unroll anatomically correct, which strengthens your foot muscles.

Ladies sports shoes with performance material mix  

Sports shoes are only as good as the material and workmanship. To ensure that you can do sports comfortably and painlessly, we rely on a combination of different materials to provide you with the greatest possible comfort and performance. For example, in our sports shoes for women we use breathable mesh, water-repellent nappa and suede as well as various PU-rubber combinations for the sole. This makes the lightweight sports shoes particularly robust and hard-wearing. To ensure that the trekking shoes for women and the running shoes for women keep their trendy look and high functionality, we recommend helpful utensils for shoe care. If you clean your sports shoes regularly - especially after outdoor activities - then they will remain loyal training partners for a long time. 

Buy ladies running shoes  

Discover light and comfortable running shoes for women in our online shop, which ensure painless feet even during great exertion. Whether the goal is simply the desire for relaxed movement or a tight training plan, with our running shoes you will enjoy the sport to the fullest.