Innovation meets relaxation

The new BERGKOMFORT hiking collection meets every demand for quality, function and comfort.
The soles with patent-pending FIRMOFLEX® technology are relaxed and sure-footed, whether you're on a long-distance trail or hiking for pleasure.

The innovative HikeTec sole with a unique profile and high-tech rubber compound was developed in collaboration with Vibram. Years of expertise on both sides and 100% BÄR toe freedom come together in a perfect symbiosis to guarantee the comfort and quality you are used to from BÄR.
Stabilising yet flexible is the maxim of the FIRMOFLEX® technology developed by BÄR and for which a patent has been applied. The four cross struts in the forefoot area are arranged in a fan-like pattern and provide increased lateral stability due to the high degree of hardness, without compromising flexibility in the direction of gait. This is further ensured by the distance between the individual FIRMOFLEX® elements. Finally, the transverse elements prevent the forefoot area from pressing through and collapsing under continuous load and allow easy guidance of the rolling movement due to the fan-like structure.
The upper encloses the foot and can be decisive for buying or not buying, because nobody likes to buy an uncomfortable shoe. In our BERGKOMFORT collection, the high quality BÄR, which is at the same time super comfortable and allows 100% BÄR toe freedom, is made possible by the use of the environmentally consciously produced terracare® leather from Heinen and an enclosure of the foot with memory foam for optimal cushioning.


"Busy days at the office, extended shopping trips, walks or long hikes. What put a strain on our feet every day gave my father Christian Bär the revolutionary idea of uncompromising toe freedom more than 30 years ago. It was combined with the zero heel and the highest material quality. From an orthopaedically designed "comfort shoe", an attractive product portfolio was created around the natural walking feeling - combined with design quality for the highest demands."
Christof Bär, Managing Director