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Hiking, trekking, running – this always involves enjoying nature up close and unhindered. This works best when your feet can share the experience too. Hiking, trekking and running shoes from BÄR enable them to do just that. With stability, comfort and toe freedom. We give your feet the space they need. And thus give you back that feeling of running naturally. So that you can feel the world at your feet.


Ultreya - BÄR

€117.00 €185.00

Trail Addict - BÄR
Trail Addict

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exploreToes 2.0 - BÄR
exploreToes 2.0

€151.00 €215.00


Sports shoes for men with toefreedom

Almost all sports directly or indirectly stress our feet, even if they are not even the part to be trained. Therefore, comfort is necessary in every situation. Many activities require alternating between flexible movements and firm footing. This makes it clear that choosing the right sports shoes for men is important not only for running, but also for cycling, fitness exercises and other areas where we do not focus primarily on our feet and become aware of their role. 
Sports shoes for men from BÄR offer a high level of comfort thanks to the maximum toefreedom (even for wide feet). At no time are the toes constricted or squashed in our footwear. As a result, they feel good and are good for foot health. But why are men's sports shoes with toefreedom so beneficial to health
Toefreedom in men's athletic shoes ensures that the foot can accommodate its naturally intended function without compensating movements of other parts. For example, if the toes were to be squeezed for long periods of time, dysfunctional bone and joint changes would result, negatively affecting not only the feet themselves, but the entire postural system. Hallux valgus, aching knees, and spinal problems are just a few consequences of wearing tight shoes. 
If you are looking for men's sports shoes that will help you perform at your best in the outdoors, indoors or in the gym, discover our range and let our team advise you in detail about their health-promoting properties. 
The BÄR advantage: All men's shoes are designed according to the toefreedom principle. Whether business shoes, everyday shoes or slippers, you will immediately feel the comfortable difference. 

Men's walking shoes for any weather and terrain

Do you enjoy being out and about freely in nature, true to the saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes? Then you'll find comfortable hiking shoes for men that offer you non-slip grip, stable ankle protection and water-repellent material
Men's hiking shoes from BÄR combine quality material and the highest functionality. The processed leathers include cow nubuck leather, cow nappa leather, calf suede and yak leather. Mesh and functional textiles are also used. 
To ensure that each type of leather retains its exclusive look, breathability or water-repellent properties in the long term, we would like to draw your attention to our shoe care. With proper care, hiking shoes for men will remain faithful, functional and beautiful companions in wind and weather. 

Buy sports shoes for men and promote health

Sport is murder? No way! Avoid aching feet or back problems with our men's sports shoes - you'll notice how well you feel even when you're working out hard. Men's sports shoes from BÄR stand for foot vacation, and you'll experience it by keeping your mind clear and not having to focus on your feet. Thanks to the resilient and non-slip sole, you will have a perfect grip on any terrain and benefit from the pleasant breathability. 
Try it out: Buy sports shoes for men now and promote functional foot health!