Women moccasins

BÄR shoes are designed to match the feet. This brings freedom to your everyday movement. The best example is our moccasins: a traditional shape, perfected by hand. With leather as soft as a pair of gloves, plus flexible soles, these moccasins are an ultra-comfortable womens' shoe. All the attributes to be a constant companion.


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Moccasins for ladies  

Moccasins for ladies are light slip-on shoes without heel. This special shoe, whose name is derived from the indigenous American languages, is classically made of leather. For our women's moccasins, for example, we use soft cowhide nappa leather, attractively structured elk leather or double-face calf nappa leather. 
The hand-stitched moccasin seam individually rounds off our detailed production. If you would like to experience a comfortable "foot holiday" on all imaginable occasions, there is no getting around light moccasins for women. Whether you choose an elegant outfit or wear a smart everyday look, the moccasins complete your stylish appearance. 

Comfortable moccasins for ladies  

The fashionable appearance is an aspect by which high-quality shoes are measured. But far more important is that they offer you the highest level of wearing comfort. Comfortable moccasins fulfil both criteria. In the office, on long journeys and on walks through town or nature, BÄR's light moccasins are the ideal companions. 
Comfortable and beautiful moccasins are good for your health: thanks to the freedom of your toes, our shoes promote the natural function of your feet and prevent diseases such as hallux valgus. If you have had foot surgery or suffer from discomfort, BÄR shoes can relieve your pain. If you would like to learn more about our healthy women's shoes, our friendly and competent team will be happy to help you. For more than 35 years BÄR has specialised in producing comfortable moccasins and other models with toe freedom that give you a lot of pleasure in movement. . 

Barefoot shoes moccasins  

Light-footed and free - this is how you will feel in our moccasins for women. The mobility and wearing comfort are as close as possible to the natural barefoot walking. There is no healthier and more comfortable way to walk. If the term is new to you, you can find out about our barefoot shoes on this page. There you will learn all about the features of our high-quality barefoot moccasins. 

Buy moccasins  

Take a look at our barefoot shoes sale. Barefoot shoes SALE There you can buy moccasins cheaply as well as many other models. With a few clicks the order is placed and will be processed quickly by us so that you will receive your barefoot moccasins promptly.